Read this report to learn valuable best practices on selecting, implementing, and getting value from environmental, health and safety (EH&S) software solutions.


An array of mandatory compliance needs, increased stakeholder performance demands, corporate objectives to improve EH&S performance and the need to innovate to stay relevant to clients, have driven growth in the market for EH&S software. However, firms struggle with untangling internal issues when purchasing software. To manage the risks of selecting an inappropriate system, new buyers need to work at building a shared understanding of the objectives underpinning the software purchase.

Based on interviews with corporate EH&S and IT leaders, and veterans of dozens of EH&S IT projects, this report provides a best practice framework for the development of the strategy necessary to meet business objectives and reduce the risk involved in selection of software platforms for EH&S management.

What you’ll learn from this report:

  • Key questions decision-makers must answer to develop an effective EH&S software strategy
  • How to lay out a  comprehensive strategy to meet core corporate needs
  • How to anticipate multiple barriers to getting projects funded and launched
  • How to overcome software selection and implementation challenges through strategic planning