Discover how industry leaders achieve operational excellence by focusing on production efficiency, product quality and safety, and sustainability costs.



Operational efficiency has always been a philosophy that manufacturers have striven to achieve. In the food and beverage (F&B) industry, the combination of pressures around rising operational costs, production efficiency, and product quality form a complex operating environment for the sector as a whole. While the jump in high impact food recalls over the past few year has put an incresed spotlight on food quality, F&B companies also have to handle the pressures of more traditional manufacturers, including the need to improve operational efficicency, cut costs, and differenctiate their products from competitors.

Based on the experience of over 170 respondents, this report explores how Food and Beverage manufacturers achieve operational excellence. Specifically, how industry leaders focus on three key areas of their operations to succeed as a business.

What you’ll learn from this report:

  • How F&B leaders are focusing on production efficiency to achieve OpEx
  • How F&B manufacturers can drive business by focusing on 3 key areas
  • Main challenges and pressures facing the industry today
  • Main trends in the industry, through visual charts & KPIs