Learn how Best-in-Class companies ingrain safety into their culture to produce tangible operational benefits.


Safety touches all levels within a company, from the line operator to the CEO. Historically, safety has been regarded as an inconvenience, with rules and regulations that must be followed to avoid the wrath of government agencies. However, there are companies out there that have started to embrace safety. They consider safety to be vital not only to the health of their employees, but to their business as a whole. These Best-in-Class organizations realize that focusing and ingraining safety into the culture of the company is not only a compliance measure, but also provides tangible operational benefits.

Based on the experiences of over 175 respondents, this report will examine the growing movement among organizations to use safety to further operational excellence. Specifically, how successful companies break the long held belief that safety and productivity do not mix.

What you will learn from this report:

  • How to leverage safety to contribute value to your organization’s bottom line
  • The differentiators of safety programs of Best-in-Class companies
  • The KPIs to track for a successful safety program
  • Key takeaways to help your organization embrace these concepts