Making Sure Today’s Compliance Dollars Tackle Tomorrow’s Compliance Challenges
By Chris McClean with Stephanie Balaouras, Nicholas M. Hayes


As long as the general population suffers as a result of corporate malfeasance and missteps, government oversight will continue to grow. If compliance is one of your responsibilities, the near future will bring far more complicated requirements and more demands for fast, detailed response – and all this while operating in an environment where your priorities barely register on the company to-do list. To stay ahead of demands, focus on 10 core priorities relevant for any compliance program, and when investing to address those priorities, keep in mind what will likely be expected of you in five years.

Table of Contents:

  • Behind The Avalanche Of New Regulations . . . Are Even More Avalanches
  • Most Of Your Peers Are Pessimistic About Their Risk And Compliance Maturity
  • Overcome Business Barriers And Build The Compliance Program Of The Future