Kyle Schiber from Enablon Portrait

Kyle Schiber

Product Manager - Air and Water Applications, Wolters Kluwer | Enablon

You find yourself cold, hungry, and with a burning question about Enablon’s Air Quality Application. Just as the last of your hope is fading away you see Kyle Schiber, Enablon Product Manager, with a blanket, a plate of homemade jambalaya, and the answer to your question. He has answers to all of your questions. Answers that are backed by seven years of experience implementing, designing, and literally writing the book on Enablon products. You look up from your food―it’s delicious―to thank him, but Kyle is already gone. His expertise was needed elsewhere: far away, a Waste Management enhancement needed additional specification. You vow to track him down at SPF Chicago where he’ll be leading environmental-focused sessions. But for now, you finish your jambalaya.