Enablon and ChemADVISOR Join Forces to provide Comprehensive Chemical Management Compliance Solution

Chicago / Paris / Pittsburgh / Brussels, June 27, 2012 – Enablon, the world’s leading Sustainability & EHS Management software provider, and ChemADVISOR, the world’s leading source of chemical regulatory information, today announced a strategic partnership that will combine Enablon’s QEHS performance management software with ChemADVISOR’s LOLI Database, the largest chemical-specific regulatory database available on the market.

The LOLI Database contains information from over 4,100 chemical regulatory sources from over 110 countries around the world including environmental, health and safety international requirements, inventories, and regulations from advisory agencies and government bodies. In addition, it offers sets of data covering physical-chemical properties, toxicity and ecotoxicity for chemical substances.

Working together, the companies are providing clients and prospects with a powerful chemical inventory software solution with a direct interface to the most up-to-date chemical information they need. The combined solution help companies improve purchasing efficiency, meet regulatory compliance, identify potential issues and manage the overall sustainability challenges associated with chemical substances and mixtures handling across the globe.

“Enablon is committed to delivering the solutions, content and technology that make companies more sustainable” said Phil Tesler, CEO of Enablon North America. “Through our relationship with ChemADVISOR we are helping our customers to alleviate the challenges associated with global chemical management by providing access to the largest chemical-specific regulatory database available on the market directly within our solutions.”

Enablon offers the industry’s most comprehensive software suite for Quality, Environment, and Health & Safety (QEHS) performance management. Global companies use Enablon solutions worldwide to improve the reporting and management of their environmental performance, better manage their risks, reduce costs and streamline business processes. Enablon QEHS solutions help companies meet their management and compliance challenges — from environmental reporting and management of air, water, waste and chemicals, to Greenhouse Gas Emission tracking and reduction, worker safety, incident loss prevention, and much more.

“Working with Enablon, we are combining the world’s leading sustainability & EHS management software platform with the most comprehensive chemical regulatory database available today,” said Andrew Dsida, president of ChemADVISOR, Inc. “Together, we are providing EHS professionals with an integrated solution to dramatically improve their productivity by putting the most up-to-date information they need at their fingertips.”


ChemADVISOR, Inc. is the indispensable source for Environmental, Health, Safety and Transportation information on chemicals. ChemADVISOR specializes in providing regulatory consulting services, products and training to meet global regulatory compliance needs. ChemADVISOR maintains a regulatory database called LOLI (List of Lists) Database that contains over 4100 regulatory lists from around the world useful for SDS preparation and other regulatory compliance needs. Data sources include inventories, physical properties and toxicity data as well as data necessary international environmental, health and safety compliance. Data delivery is available in a variety of methods from weekly downloading to online access to quarterly delivery of a CD.

For more information visit www.chemadvisor.com