The 2015 EHS and Sustainability Software Buyers Guide report was just released by NAEM. The report analyzes how companies are approaching EHS and Sustainability software in 2015: what companies’ data management needs are, how much they are spending on software systems, how they select their solutions, implementation challenges and more.

This infographic that gives a succinct (and beautiful) overview of the top insights from the report. Explore it and get to know this must-read report even better.

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Top 5 trends of the report

Infographic Summary

Top Insights from the NAEM EMIS Report

  • Top 5 reasons buyers are seeking software systems
    • 42% Outdated software
    • 36% Working to provide greater external transparency
    • 36% Poor integration with IT systems
    • 32% Do not have a software system
    • 24% Costs too much to maintain
  • Top 5 buyers’ business objectives for new software system
    • 17% Improve accountability for performance
    • 17% Centralize data collection efforts
    • 17% Build a management system
    • 14% Collect data for internal and external reporting
    • 10% Improve compliance assurance
  • Type of system buyers seek
    • 53% Enterprise-wide off-the-shelf software
    • 41% An issue-specific software module
    • 6% Other
  • Who’s buying software?
    • 71% Returning buyers
    • 29% First-time buyers
  • Top desired software capabilities
    1. Incident tracking
    2. Corrective action tracking
    3. Audit finding documentation
  • Number of software systems considered
    • First time buyers: 5
    • Returning buyers: 8