Industry Challenges

The Manufacturing industry is affected by a common set of core business challenges. These challenges include the need to keep employees safe and healthy, perform diligent incident management, achieve regulatory compliance, and a need for supply chain traceability and visibility. Given the highly competitive nature of the industry, Manufacturers need to reduce and mitigate operational risks, and drive performance improvements in order to reduce costs and improve the quality of their products.

“The solutions to today’s problems require a holistic approach, collaboration with different types of business functions to solve problems in a systemic way, both within and external to the company.”

NAEM, “Planning for a Sustainable Future”

Enabling Safe, Compliant and Efficient Manufacturing Companies

With the myriad of challenges and intense competition, leading Manufacturers are turning to enterprise software systems to manage all EHS, Risk and Sustainability programs and stay ahead of competitors. The depth and breadth of the Enablon enterprise platform enable these Manufacturing leaders to consolidate multiple legacy systems with one powerful suite. Information is automatically shared across modules and advanced reporting and analytics capabilities allow for easy roll up to management.

Manufacturers can maintain and improve operational efficiency by managing operational risks and safety in a centralized and holistic way. Enablon’s easy configurability enables companies to comply with changing EHS regulations of all the jurisdictions around the world where they have manufacturing facilities and activities (e.g. U.S. EPA and OSHA, U.K. DEFRA, and Australia WHS Regulations). Manufacturers are able to track and report on incidents in an accurate and thorough way, as well as manage corrective and preventive actions designed to mitigate the risks of future incidents and stay in compliance.

Enablon customers not only have access to a complete enterprise platform, they also have the support of the industry’s only end-to-end professional services team: implementation, software support, Center of Excellence, and Enablon’s full content and services partner ecosystem.

How Enablon Can Help

Enablon offers an enterprise software platform to manage all of your key challenges. Navigate the solutions below or dive directly into an application.

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“Enablon is the most comprehensive and broadly adopted Sustainability Platform in the industry.”


“I think it really has just helped us gain a lot more insight into what’s going on in our business. Thanks to Enablon, the data is more easily available and a lot more organized in a way that makes sense and is easy to access. I wish all of our systems were more like Enablon, because I can get in, get out, report what I need, and that’s what my plant manager wants to see. At the end of the day, that’s what matters.”

– Catherine Warner, BALL CORPORATION

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