Industry Challenges

The impacts of the global financial crisis of 2007-2008 are still being felt by the Financial Services industry. A dramatic increase in regulations and the emergence of new risks challenge existing business models. Faced with a changing economic and competitive landscape, Financial Services firms must adapt to expand in new markets and increase their client base.

Companies need to mitigate their financial and operational risks, and comply with multiple regulations. Due to greater scrutiny from governments, regulators and the public, Financial Services firms must demonstrate their efforts to eliminate corruption and bribery. Businesses also have to show and document their adherence to ethical business practices, as well as corporate governance, responsibility and accountability practices.

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Enabling Resilient, Compliant and Efficient Financial Services Companies

The depth and breadth of the Enablon platform enable companies to manage all EHS, Risk and Sustainability challenges in one location. Global companies are able to consolidate their legacy systems into one central software platform.

With Enablon solutions, Financial Services firms can identify and manage their operational risks, strengthen their audits and controls processes and ensure business continuity. Companies are able to comply with a range of regulations and standards around the world, including the Basel III global regulatory standard and the EU’s Solvency II Directive.  In addition, firms can centralize their sustainability efforts and provide a comprehensive view on their sustainability performance to stakeholders.

Enablon customers not only have access to a complete enterprise platform, they also have the support of the industry’s only end-to-end professional services team: implementation, software support, Center of Excellence, and Enablon’s extensive content and services partner ecosystem.

How Enablon Can Help

Enablon offers an enterprise software platform to manage all of your key challenges. Navigate the solutions below or dive directly into an application.

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“There are two important reasons why we selected Enablon. One is user friendliness; Enablon is one of the top players in this area. And the second is being able to analyze data through different angles.”


“In the financial industry, there’s a tremendous need to be compliant with regulations and to strengthen your governance practices. There are also operational considerations to take into account, such as, defining the processes that you want to automate. The Enablon platform supports that, as well as the shift towards maturity and growth of risk culture for an effective risk management program.”

– André Smiley, BANK OF THE WEST

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