Industry Challenges

In recent years, the Automotive industry has seen costly product recalls due to faulty air bags, brakes, alternators, electronic systems and other parts. As a result, the industry, which includes automobile manufacturers, suppliers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), must adhere to strict product quality standards, such as ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949. Additionally, businesses operate in a highly-competitive environment where customer preferences are constantly evolving and regulatory compliance is always a high priority. Automotive companies also need to ensure product quality, safety and compliance throughout the supply chain, and maintain a level of environment, health and safety performance.

“The solutions to today’s problems require a holistic approach, collaboration with different types of business functions to solve problems in a systemic way, both within and external to the company.”

NAEM, “Planning for a Sustainable Future”

Enabling Safe, Compliant and Efficient Automotive Companies

In such a highly competitive market, leading Automotive companies are turning to enterprise software systems to manage all EHS, Risk and Sustainability programs and stay ahead of competitors. Enablon’s highly configurable system allows EHS, Risk and Sustainability programs to maintain agility in an ever-changing market.

With Enablon, Automotive companies mitigate the risks of product recalls by reducing operational risks globally and improving operational efficiency. Companies can ensure compliance with EHS regulations of all the jurisdictions where they have manufacturing facilities and activities (e.g. U.S. EPA and OSHA, U.K. DEFRA, and Australia WHS Regulations). The platform enables accurate tracking and reporting on incidents and managing corrective and preventive actions to limit incidents and ensure compliance.

Enablon customers not only have access to a complete enterprise platform, they also have the support of the industry’s only end-to-end professional services team: implementation, software support, Center of Excellence, and Enablon’s extensive content and services partner ecosystem.

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Enablon offers an enterprise software platform to manage all of your key challenges. Navigate the solutions below or dive directly into an application.

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“Enablon sets the pace in the global EH&S software market.”

– Verdantix Green Quadrant® EH&S Software (Global) 2014

“Enablon is the most comprehensive and broadly adopted Sustainability Platform in the industry.”


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