ESG for Business Success and Sustainability

To navigate the new climate-change-based economy, companies need to build resilience into their business strategies. Download this whitepaper to learn how corporate commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives is increasing and how the reporting of ESG disclosures allows investors to make informed assessments of risk and return for financial stability.

Global climate change continues and organizations face more climate-related risks.

Investors and companies need to integrate ESG factors into investment decisions and business processes. ESG factors may include how organizations respond to climate change, how they protect worker health and safety, how they manage supply chains, and how they build trust and foster innovation.

ESG investing expected to surge during a global crisis

ESG and sustainable investing is expected to increase in the wake of the pandemic, namely because the coronavirus has accelerated the idea that a more modern and conscious approach to investing is needed.

ESG disclosure reporting continues to increase

Every year, more companies are releasing sustainability, citizenship, or ESG reports, creating an environment where this type of reporting is not just voluntary, but expected.

Integrated solutions for environmental and sustainability management

Enablon has enterprise software solutions that can assist organizations in collecting and managing ESG data, forecasting potential climate risk, and keeping sustainability initiatives on track.


Industry-leading software solutions to manage collection and quality of ESG data

Sustainability & ESG Reporting Software

Automate the collection, consolidation and management of data in order to monitor and track key metrics around corporate social responsibility (CSR), ESG (Environmental, Social and corporate Governance) and environmental performance. Create ESG, sustainability, and other reports to improve communications with stakeholders and show greater transparency.

GHG Emissions Software

Accurately calculate your company’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Collect and report emissions data and reduce your environmental impact, helping to meet the expectations and demands of regulators and stakeholders, and protect against long-term reputational damage.

Stakeholder Management Software

Identify and prioritize stakeholder-related challenges and demands. Meet increasing expectations, requests for information and transparency requirements. Collect, aggregate and analyze key data, and generate CSR reports tailored to each stakeholder group.
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ESG for Business Success and Sustainability

Download our white paper to learn how corporate commitment to ESG is increasing even during a pandemic and how the reporting of ESG disclosures allows investors to make informed assessments of risk and return for financial stability.

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