Risk is Everywhere

Every point of interaction between a company and its environment has the potential to create risks. They can originate internally or externally.

They affect people, products, processes, data, reputation, financial stability, and much more. Risks can threaten the achievement of business and strategic objectives, and create instances of non-compliance with regulations, standards, and internal policies.

Business today operates in real time. Risk Management must be integrated in all layers of the organization and in all functions. It must not be siloed. Whether your company has one location or hundreds, there is an urgent need for a comprehensive risk management framework that is accessible, understandable, and thorough.

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Managing risk is a reality of doing business. It must be properly and proactively managed.

Enablon GRC solutions provide a consistent and all-encompassing approach to corporate governance, enterprise risk management, and compliance:

  • Ensure company objectives are achieved by addressing uncertainty.
  • Establish a global view on all regulatory compliance obligations throughout the enterprise.
  • Identify, analyze and evaluate risks and opportunities.
  • Design, assess, monitor and review the organization’s control framework and assurance activities
  • Integrate risk management in business strategy and operational management.
  • Comply with company policies and standards consistently across all sites.
  • Improve stakeholder accountability across the board, from executives all the way to managers and employees.
  • Consolidate all data from operations to generate a 360° evaluation of risks and improve decision-making.
  • Be proactive and use predictive analytics to estimate the likelihood of adverse events, and potential costs and delays.
  • Ensure business continuity across all your processes.
  • “Enablon earned its spot with its usability and support for enterprises. (…) Enablon’s strengths come from an easy-to-use interface, strong integration capabilities, and advanced features.”

    Forrester - Q1 2016 The Forrester Wave™: Governance, Risk, And Compliance Platforms

Our GRC Applications

Enablon offers a comprehensive, highly flexible GRC platform, helping organizations achieve their goals by managing uncertainty, while acting with integrity. Enablon web applications cover many GRC areas, and they are fully integrated in a common platform and connected to each other.

  • Risk Management

    Enablon RM is an integrated solution designed for assessing, managing and controlling risks and incidents.
  • Mobile Safety App

    Enablon Go Safety is a native mobile app that allows workers to report events, and sends safety alerts and notifications in real-time.
  • Mobile Inspection App

    Enablon Go Inspection is a native mobile app that empowers workers to complete inspections from anywhere and at anytime.
  • Mobile Audit App

    Enablon Go Audit is a native mobile app that empowers workers to complete audits from anywhere and at anytime.
  • Internal Control

    IC is a recognized leading solution for internal control management used by many global companies.
  • Internal Audit

    IA is a solution which allows companies to computerize and automate all auditing activities and make them more reliable.
  • Insurance & Claims

    The Insurance and Claims solution helps companies manage and monitor insurance policies, control their costs and reduce risk impacts.
  • Incident/Event Management

    The Enablon Incident/Event Management solution is designed to meet all incident and event reporting, management and monitoring needs.
  • Enablon Publisher

    The Enablon Publisher is an online solution to design and publish digital reports for Sustainability, EHS & Risk Management.
  • Continuous Assessment

    CA is a control management and monitoring solution designed to fulfill the specific needs of internal control in financial institutions.
  • Change Management

    The Enablon Management of Change solution centralizes and manages change requests, in order to mitigate risks and ensure safety at facilities.
  • Business Continuity Management

    Enablon BCM is a complete crisis management and business continuity management solution.
  • Action Plans

    The Enablon Action Plans solution allows companies to effectively create action plans, track completion, manage reminders, ensure follow-up and create reports.