The Ultimate Benefits of e-PTW; making the move from paper to digital permit-to-work

Discover how an electronic permit-to-work system will significantly improve efficiency, productivity, transparency and more.
  • Virtual
  • April 22nd
  • 10:30 AM ET
  • English

Typically, frontline operations rely on a combination of paper forms and informal knowledge transfer from team members to navigate and validate the permit-to-work process.

Often these processes are managed and owned by multiple departments, and have inherent challenges relating to compliance, efficiency, productivity, transparency and more. A proper work preparation and electronic permit to work (e-PTW) process minimizes risk and ensures safe work execution, while increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Integration with real time information and MMS systems leads to additional efficiencies, and enhances critical decision making.


  • Significantly improves compliance
  • Supports standardization and continuous improvement
  • Uses accurate risk-based data to deliver intelligent action and influence positive safety behaviors
  • Breaks Silos
  • Makes tangible efficiency gains
  • Reduces Incidents
  • Is simple to use for all stakeholders


Mick Coleman

Business Consultant for IRM, ORM, EHS and Sustainability - Enablon