The Connected Worker

Keeping Your Frontline Industrial Workers Safe, Mobile and Efficient
  • Virtual
  • January 26th
  • 12:00 ET
  • English

The Connected Worker

Enablon is proud to sponsor and present at Oil&Gas IQ’s The Connected Worker event on January 26. Connected Worker technology is helping many companies maintain their critical operations right now –keeping workers safe while at the same time saving businesses time and money. Join us during this virtual event and learn how we and other companies are leveraging connected worker technology to improve operational efficiency, training, asset management, quality, and safety. Hear our story presented by Tina Amirtha, Product Manager at Enablon, on January 26th at 12:00 ET.


Maintenance and Operations 4.0

Maintenance and Operations 4.0: How IoT and Mobile Strategies Empower the Connected Worker to Increase Safety and Efficiency on the Hazardous Worksite.
Today, more than ever, site leads and operations teams need transparency over which checks have been made in the field before critical maintenance work can take place. Meanwhile, waiting for approvals on the scope of work before it can be carried out means that the maintenance schedules must get drawn out. With simple mobile apps that connected workers can easily manage in the field, the field-to-office walk time is eliminated, and work progresses as soon as the connected worker engages with the app. In addition, when connected workers view IoT data directly in their mobile apps, they are empowered with more context over critical equipment trends and working conditions, no matter where they are in the field.

In this session you will learn:

  • How transferring approvals to and from the field can speed up work, both in an offline and online context, further increasing worksite safety
  • Simple checks in the field directly before the works place increases worker safety
  • Easy-to-deploy mobile apps, such as PWAs, can increase user adoption of mobile strategies