Enable Proactive EHS Compliance Through Leading Indicators

With Enhesa
  • October 24th @ 11AM EST | 5PM CET
  • 1 hour

Webinar Overview

Complying with EHS regulations is inevitable. Economic cycles come and go, technology changes at a fast pace, but the need to achieve EHS compliance remains no matter what. A failure to comply with EHS regulations can threaten your license to operate, and you need to continue operating to meet business objectives.

To ensure EHS compliance, you must be proactive and identify noncompliance risks before they become actual instances of noncompliance that result in fines and operational disruptions.

Join us for a webinar with Enhesa to learn more about how to enable proactive EHS compliance through leading indicators. Attendees will also receive a copy of our joint whitepaper “Managing EHS Compliance Risks Through Leading Indicators”.

Key Takeaways

During this webinar, you will learn about:

  • How to measure your response to EHS compliance risks, i.e. are you making sure that EHS compliance risks are avoided or promptly addressed.
  • The leading indicators that measure how proactively you manage EHS compliance risks.
  • How proactive EHS compliance can provide a competitive edge.
  • What Enablon and Enhesa can do for you.


Jessica Sarnowski Headshot

Jessica Sarnowski

Head of Content Marketing & Thought Leadership, Enhesa


Jean-Grégoire Manoukian

Content Thought Leader