The ability to proactively manage risks, demonstrate operational efficiency, and environmental and social performance are essential in order to deliver long-term value to stakeholders.

Enablon offers the industry’s most comprehensive software platform with technology, content and services that help organizations manage risks, ensure compliance and continually improve performance.

The Industry’s Only Enterprise Cloud Platform

During the past few years, business practices have evolved towards connected and enterprise-wide approaches to EH&S, Risk and Sustainability initiatives. As a result, Enablon’s integrated platform is ideally positioned to respond to customers’ expectations and meet their advanced requirements.

Enablon’s platform is built on a single technology stack. This allows it to deliver significant business and technical benefits, versus typical platforms built through acquisitions. Enablon’s integrated approach enables a secure and scalable platform with a consistent user interface, recognized as best-in-class in the industry.

The platform’s unique modular architecture enables rich interactions between applications while ensuring high maintainability and scalability. As a result, all the domains, applications, tools and master data within the Enablon platform are seamlessly connected.

Covering 9 key value drivers for organizations – from safe operations and green facilities to enterprise control – the Enablon platform offers the widest and deepest product offering available on the market today.

  • “Enablon offers a genuine enterprise-class application, meaning it can scale to serve the needs of the largest, most complex organizations. “

    Verdantix - January 2016 Green Quadrant® EH&S Software 2016 (Global)

Platform Key Enterprise Attributes

Global organization business leaders are offered an unprecedented opportunity to harness IT in order to achieve their goals and make more informed choices by probing into the Enablon platform’s key enterprise attributes:

  • Integrated and Connected: the platform enables effective risk and EHS management collaboration and connectedness within the EHS function, as well as a tight integration between EHS and core business operations.
  • Secure: EHS data sets are highly sensitive, especially when it comes to environmental compliance and employees’ health data. Enablon allows large organizations to run a fully secured platform and avoid information leaks.
  • Scalable: the platform scales according to operational needs such as user volume and number of applications, a key element to cover enterprise needs and when it comes to starting EHS management from ground 0.
  • Sustainable: the pressure is on to ensure a successful implementation that is on-time, on-budget, and achieves enterprise business integration.

Enablon has developed an enterprise platform with these attributes to help drive operational excellence by enabling compliance assurance, proactive risk management, process efficiency, and brand protection.

The ability of the solution to operate at high levels of performance under heavy use, and to scale across companies’ global operations is essential for user adoption and satisfaction.

  • “Given the breadth and quality of the Enablon application, all EH&S budget holders seeking an enterprise-scale solution for the long term should include Enablon on their shortlist. The application design is one of the few in the market which is designed to meet the expectations of a CIO just as much as a VP of EH&S. “

    Verdantix - January 2016 Green Quadrant® EH&S Software 2016 (Global)

Cloud First platform

In addition to traditional on-premises hosting, the Enablon platform is based on cloud applications that provide easy updates and more flexibility to support companies’ requirements, while incorporating state of the art security features and significant cost reductions. The cloud enables companies to easily gain access to applications, exclusive services and content, and to share information with their employees and suppliers.

Cloud-based solutions also offer many new advantages such as faster implementation and value delivery. They are provided as an all-inclusive on-demand service with reduced total cost of ownership. Hence, innovations and updates can be deployed immediately without draining limited IT resources.

The Technology Enablers: Mobile, Smart, Human, Agile, Social

Measurable value is generated by Enablon customers through use of the following 5 platform enablers. These enablers demonstrate the practical business value of the sophisticated technology embedded in the Enablon Platform.


The platform’s mobile capabilities allow our global customers to access information from anywhere, at anytime. It takes advantage of user location to deliver real-time information and help users manage their tasks.


No organization can be successful, compliant or sustainable if they don’t engage internal and external stakeholders to understand uncertainties, threats and opportunities to meeting objectives. To do so, the Enablon platform embeds smart functionalities, such as data sharing between applications, activity streams, collaboration workspaces and a new user interface that facilitates getting work done.


Our platform is designed to facilitate our customer’s day-to-day activities and help them get their work done easily. It offers the most intuitive user interface on the market, providing clarity and simplicity for a superior user experience.


Enablon offers powerful reporting and analytics capabilities to collect, compile and analyze a large dataset at a fast and effective pace, and leverage the information for decision making. These capabilities include advanced functionalities for quantitative analysis, statistical modeling and forecasting, dynamic dashboards and scorecards.


The Enablon platform includes Agility Services, a set of tools that enables you to easily configure your system to meet changing requirements, and extend the platform with new applications – without the need for costly IT support. Whatever changing conditions your team faces, these tools will help you adapt quickly, while still managing all your operational risk and EHS needs in one platform.
Enablon’s enterprise-class technology has expanded throughout the past 15+ years, resulting in the deepest and widest Sustainability, Risk and EHS management software offering in the market and bringing the highest value to our community of customers.