Sustainability Roundup - November 2015 - Special COP21 Edition

November 16, 2015
By Marion Dupont-Enzer

Last week, we introduced you to a new monthly series on Enablon Insights: . This week, it’s time to present you the Sustainability version of this rendez-vous: Susty Roundup. Once a month, we will provide a recap of 10 interesting Sustainability and CSR articles and online resources that caught our attention. And as the COP21 is only 2 weeks away, we dedicate this first edition to the upcoming climate conference.

Seven Reasons Why COP21 in Paris Will Be Different Than Copenhagen

This article published on Environmental Leader details the 7 key differences between the Copenhagen failure to the potential success we hope to see in Paris!

[Report] Business Will Be Key To Implementation of Post COP21

Globescan and SustainAbility have asked global experts representing business, government, NGOs and academia to share their expectations for the COP21 meeting and provide insights about the role of various actors and climate strategies post-2015. The result is a highlighting report on how to drive leadership after the conference.

How Can I Involve my Business in COP21?

This short video produced by Climate Action and UNEP explains how your business can be a part of the climate conference. Among other things, we learn that “sustainable companies have outperformed their peers by 9.1% over the past four years”. It’s a great addition to our article: .

5 Signs the Private Sector is Stepping up on Climate Change

Ben McCarthy, Program Associate at Ecosystem Marketplace, enumerates the 5 signs that “private sector is making significant strides toward investing in low carbon and climate resilient development”.

[Report] The CDP Global Climate Change Report 2015

This report, released by the Carbon Disclosure Project, describes how corporations have shifted carbon strategies in the last 5 years, and why there is a growing demand by investors to disclose GHG emissions.

Supply Chain Climate Change Challenges

The corporate fight against climate change doesn’t stop to carbon and energy discussions. To understand the impact global warming can have on your supply chain, read this Sustainable Smart Business article.

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Why General Mills, Dell, Unilever Care About the COP21 Climate Talks

As the COP21 approaches, an increasing number of companies are pledging to reduce their own emissions and carbon footprints — and seeing cost savings from these actions. Learn how they outperform their industry peers thanks to their Sustainability engagement on Environmental Leader.

[Infographic] The United Nations Global Compact & Accenture CEO Study: A Call to Climate Action

The Global Compact & Accenture publish global Sustainability studies every year, but this year’s edition is inevitably focused on Climate Action. The whole report can be found here, while a great infographic summarized the key elements of the study:

Infographic Accenture


France Confirms UN Climate Summit Will Proceed, Diplomats Praise Solidarity

After the terrorist attacks of last Friday in Paris, France confirms that the COP21 will go ahead as planned.

Following this first Susty Roundup dedicated to the COP21, another one will be published in one month, after the COP. Until then, you can go deeper into the topic of climate change and business by attending our upcoming webinar, in partnership with Greenbiz, which will be held on Tuesday, December 15 at 1pm ET:  ‘Why Tackling Climate Change is Good for Business’. We hope to see you there!