Sustainability Roundup - November 2018

November 12, 2018

Once a month, our Sustainability Roundup provides a recap of 10 interesting articles and online resources on Sustainability and CSR that caught our attention. Enjoy the recap for November 2018.

[Report] Reporting Matters 2018

WBCSD’s publication on sustainability reporting looks at the underlying processes and impact of reporters’ activities on three key issues – climate change, water and human rights – through a series of deep dive reports that focus on the evolving regulatory and reporting context, and explore the underlying processes companies are adopting to address these three issues, backed up by member case studies. Download Report

10 Critical Ways CSR Impacts Your Entire Brand

This infographic from CyberGrants shows how your CSR efforts affect your brand, help you recruit and retain talent, influence consumer preferences, and boost market value. Effective CSR programs are essential in today’s world. View full infographic

10 Critical Ways CSR Impacts Your Entire Brand

Four Ways to Enhance Your Materiality Assessment

The relationship between materiality and financial reporting, risk, or issue management is not always clear to the core business, which is likely related to the historic separation of sustainability and business strategy. This article highlights four ways to enhance your materiality process, in order to create a more resilient business strategy with sustainability at its core. Read more

One of the key findings from the 10th annual BSR/GlobeScan survey of sustainable business leaders is that the priority issues covered by the sustainability agenda of companies are being driven more by risk management than value creation. The top priorities are still issues that we would expect to see, such as climate change, human rights, ethics/integrity, inclusiveness, etc. But risk management is the underlying driver propelling these issues to the top of the list of priorities.

[Report] Finance Factsheets for Sustainability Professionals

WBCSD and Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford have developed short and accessible finance factsheets included in this report. Their aim is to provide important definitions and simple explanations for mainstream finance concepts in a way that professionals with no financial background can understand. Download Report

A Big Green Idea: How Procurement Can Balance Profitability and Sustainability

External forces, from climate change to shifts in generational expectations, are causing businesses to take a hard look at the sustainability of their supply chains. Procurement organizations are uniquely positioned to affect environmental and financial change for the greater good. Read more

Sustainability Careers of the Future Require Depth and Breadth

Sustainability careers are growing in terms of breadth and depth. There’s an expanding need for both executives who have a diverse background to lead on many issues, and for specialists who can manage and ensure impact on these issues. This means that there are pathways for generalists and specialists alike. Read more

What to Anticipate in ESG Reporting for 2019

ESG reporting has become a mainstream feature of corporate America. In this article, Alyson Genovese, Head of Corporate and Stakeholder Relations in North America for GRI, explains in a conversation with TriplePundit the significant difference between the corporate charitable giving of the past, and the ways in which companies can use ESG reporting to improve their operations. Read more

Responsible Investing Survey Reveals Major Shift in ESG Thinking

Investors in the U.S. in general have been slower than their counterparts in Europe in taking environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles into account, but that resistance seems to be weakening. This echoes a global trend. Institutional investors and consultants have shifted decisively from asking whether to adopt ESG principles, to looking at how to implement them. Read more

9 Ways AI is Enhancing Sustainability for Business

With Google announcing a £19M ($25M) fund for businesses using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to address environmental and social issues, this article looks at nine AI projects that have already delivered notable benefits for companies. Read more

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