Sustainability Roundup - May 2018

May 14, 2018

Once a month, our Sustainability Roundup provides a recap of 10 interesting articles and online resources on Sustainability and CSR that caught our attention. Enjoy the recap for May 2018.

4 Corporate Sustainability Trends All Business Leaders Should be Watching in 2018

This year’s EDF Climate Corps host application pool hit a record high, with leading companies across the U.S. and China spanning 20 industries, including tech, finance and retail, joining the program. This article highlights trends in corporate sustainability identified by the author, based on his work with the group. Read more

Corporate Sustainability Practitioners: Roles Have Changed — Has Your Job Description?

As companies advance along the maturity continuum of sustainability and corporate responsibility, they evolve from a compliance and operational model to a senior-level, strategic and external collaboration focus in sustainability. Business and societal drivers compel sustainability practitioners to evolve their job descriptions to meet the priorities and requirements of their organizations. Read More

The Right Way for Companies to Publicize Their Social Responsibility Efforts

Companies keep trying to show the world that they are socially conscious and keep losing the battle. A major reason companies don’t get credit for their efforts is they use a one-size-fits-all strategy to communicate their efforts, while what’s needed are focused messages that matter to each of the different audiences. Read more

Six Ways to Engage Employees in CSR

A CSR program can help to keep employees happy and produce valuable returns in the workplace and community. According to a poll, engaged employees nearly double their odds of success compared to disengaged employees, and there is less turnover in companies with engaged employees. This article explains six ways to get a CSR program started. Read more

[Report] CEO Guide to Water

In the next three decades, the demand for water will increase by 40%-50% for the global food system, by 50%-70% for the municipal/industrial sector, and by 85% for the energy sector. Increasing competition for water demands immediate action, and a change in the way companies manage water. The CEO Guide lays out the business case for water, outlining water-related risks, and presents business opportunities connected to water, including increased resilience and market growth. Download report

The 3 States of Sustainability and How to Get Back on Track

Companies go through three stages when they first decide to focus on sustainability. The first stage is “framing”, where executives argue that addressing climate change is a strategic business issue. The second stage is “localizing”, where tangible steps are being taken. The third stage is “Normalizing”, where sustainability efforts start to fall apart. This third stage must be recognized and avoided. Read more

How the Blockchain Could Transform Sustainability Reporting

Information made public about a company’s sustainability performance is self-reported. Even if its performance is independently substantiated, it’s through a narrow certification body (e.g. Fairtrade, LEED) that verifies a vertical slice of a company’s policies and impact. Blockchain has the potential to change that because it can authenticate a richer, more accurate global ledger of a company’s actual social and environmental performance, providing society with a more realistic assessment of its impact. Read more

[Report] An Overview of Sustainability and Corporate Reporting in China

Increasingly considered as a global leader in tackling climate change, China is also working towards embedding sustainability across its economy. This effort can be seen in the recent growth of ESG-related reporting. Research conducted identifies 29 corporate sustainability reporting and disclosure requirements. Download report

The 5 Stages of Materiality Grief

Materiality is a journey worth taking, despite challenges that can discourage sustainability practitioners, because materiality analysis is a valuable business tool. More importantly, materiality can also indicate where not to focus limited resources and attention. This article shares tips to navigate the five stages of “materiality grief”. Read more

5 Charts Show How Global Emissions Have Changed Since 1850

Which countries have emitted the most greenhouse gases? The quick answer is: “It depends”. Many factors inform the answer. The five visuals in this article help to answer the question, taking into account each of the different factors. Read more

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