Sustainability Roundup - March 2017

March 13, 2017
By Jean-Grégoire Manoukian

Once a month, our Sustainability Roundup provides a recap of 10 interesting articles and online resources on Sustainability and CSR that caught our attention. Enjoy the recap for March 2017.

Trends in Corporate Sustainability for 2017

Over the last few years we’ve seen sustainability climb the corporate ladder, to the point where many companies have put it at the heart of their business strategy. This article presents nine corporate sustainability trends to watch out for in 2017. Read more

6 CSR Trends To Watch In 2017

In the past decade, CSR evolved from a nice-to-have silo to a fundamental strategic priority for businesses. The Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series reached out to CSR experts to get their input on the trends that will emerge in 2017 and how the industry will continue to evolve. Read more

3 Key Resources for Benchmarking Your Sustainability Program

Evaluating whether your sustainability program is following best practices can spur improvement and provide justification for prioritizing initiatives. The three tools described in this article can help highlight opportunities across your sustainability program and evaluate specific strategies that may be the focus of your program this year. Read more

Pure Strategies Research Shows Growing Corporate Investment in Sustainability, Accelerating a Sustainable and Circular Economy

New research reveals growth in corporate spending in sustainability. More than 80% of surveyed companies expect a budget increase from 2016 to 2017 with a third anticipating double-digit growth. The 153 survey respondents reported gaining approximately $800 million from increased sales and $800 million in manufacturing cost savings, with additional earnings in risk reduction, productivity gains, and enhanced growth opportunities adding up to billions in value. Read more

Why 98% of Companies Do Not Achieve Their Sustainability Goals

A new report finds that only 2% of corporate sustainability programs achieve or exceed their aims, compared to 12% of other corporate transformation programs. The same report makes four recommendations to help companies achieve sustainability gains. Read more

Captivating CSR: How to Produce an Engaging Sustainability Report

Sustainability reports, for all their complexities and pitfalls, are having a “coming-of-age” moment. Previously, an annual CSR report served as a multi-paged badge of honour, highlighting the dedication of a company, and holding its progress to account. Now, these reports are becoming a vital pillar for business growth. Read more

PepsiCo: We Expect Suppliers to Share Our Values

PepsiCo’s 10-year-old sustainable business philosophy, Performance with Purpose, is embedded deeply into its workplace culture — so deeply, that it’s part of the “code of conduct” that must be signed and upheld by every employee. By 2025, the company will ask every supplier, down to the farm worker, to make that same pledge. Read more

How Good Is Your Sustainable Supply Chain Program?

According to BSR, a universally accepted framework for sustainable supply chain management has emerged. BSR’s Supply Chain Leadership Ladder framework allows companies to benchmark their supply chain sustainability program and assess where they are in their maturity, based on the internal and external dimensions of their program. Read more

How Has the CSO Role Expanded to Fit the Demands of 2017?

The sustainability profession is evolving with many sustainability professionals quietly but gradually expanding their scope and responsibility — programmatically and strategically. Furthermore, companies surveyed by GreenBiz are reporting a 35% increase in sustainability headcount. But what does this expansion look like? Read more

5 Ways to Design For Climate Change

Many of the design decisions made every day have a climate implication. Those who create the products and build environments of everyday life—from mechanical engineers to architects—have an important role to play by designing for climate change. Read more

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To learn more about EHS, Sustainability and Risk trends, we encourage you to read the NAEM 2016 Trends Report: Planning for a Sustainable Future, which presents the ideas and issues that will shape EHS and Sustainability Management.

NAEM 2016 Trends Report: Planning for a Sustainable Future