Sustainability Roundup - March 2016

March 14, 2016
By Adriana Salazar

What sustainability and CSR news have been keeping us informed this month? What articles and sources have caught our attention in the few past few weeks? Scan our March Sustainability Roundup and find out!

1.How to Tell Your Sustainability Story

Summing up some of the highlights of the eighth annual GreenBiz event (‘GreenBiz 16’), this article offers some clues on how to fine-tune corporate sustainability storytelling. From ‘Don’t conform to norm’, to leverage ‘poetry and emotion’, and ‘know who you’re targeting’ this piece also includes interesting observations on the role of Big Data in solving the biggest environmental challenges. → Read more

2. Answering 10 Common Questions on the EU Sustainability Reporting Directive

Also on our blog this month, we answered 10 common questions on the EU Directive on the Disclosure on Non-Financial and Diversity Information. For an estimated 6000 companies across the EU, non-binding global encouragements to integrate sustainability information into their reporting cycle are about to materialize into specific national requirements on the disclosure of ESG data and meaningful information on ‘policies, main risks and outcomes’. → Read more

3. (REPORT) Making Headway in Europe: Linking GRI G4’s Guidelines and the European Directive on Non-Financial and Diverstiy Disclosure

Through clear explanations and useful ‘linking tables’ this ‘how to’ report from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) gives an overview of the GRI’s G4 disclosures that can help companies comply with the European Directive on the disclosure of non-financial and diversity information. → Access report

4. There’s no Such Thing as a Green Product

In this article (from the Stanford Social Innovation Review), two researchers from University of Santa Barbara, California examine the dark side of ‘green’ products. The authors, experts in life-cycle assessment (LCA), argue that often, products marketed as ‘green’ fail to account for their effects on markets and consumer behavior, as well as for the resulting environmental consequences. The authors offer an alternative approach: measuring the overall “net green” impact of the product. → Read more

5. Taking Ethics Seriously: By Setting up Board Committees?

This short piece from Forbes takes a look at a trend gaining increasing traction among leading corporations: establishing committees, with published terms of reference, wholly dedicated to advising company boardrooms on ethics, values and sustainability: This “shows that the debate on CSR is moving away from simple measurement of external indicators like environmental impacts to a better understanding of how to shape behavior within the company”.→ Read more

6. How Leading Companies Plan to Face Tomorrow’s EHS and Sustainability Challenges

If you’re wondering what it’s going to look like inside the mind of a top sustainability or EHS manager this year, the latest NAEM report, ‘Planning for a Sustainable Future: Ideas that will Shape EHS Management in the Year to Come’, might just do the trick. What’s new in this year’s report? What has changed since the 2014 edition? → Read more

7. (INFOGRAPHIC) The Business Case for Gender Diversity

International Women’s Day was on March 8. To remind us of the business impact of building a gender-diverse sales team, this infographic created by DocSend, a company providing a sales acceleration platform for businesses, lets the numbers speak for themselves and also includes an interesting look at the gender gap in Silicon Valley). → Go to source


8. 7 Arguments to Convince Your Boss About Your Sustainability Program

Getting the management’s buy-in is often one of the most difficult tasks when working on a Sustainability or CSR program in a company. Whether you’ve been hired to join or start a “Sustainability Department” or you want to begin implementing green initiatives alongside regular missions in your company, this week on Enablon Insights we took a look at the main arguments you can use to convince your board on the business case for sustainability. → Read more

9. February breaks global temperature records

Another reminder of the “incessant long-term rise in global temperature resulting from human-produced greenhouse gases”, according to NASA data, global surface temperatures across land and ocean in February were 1.35C warmer than the average temperature for this past month (from the baseline period of 1951-1980), breaking previous monthly records by an unprecedented amount. → Read more

10. Practical Tips for Fostering a Committed and Environmentally Conscious Workforce

Mari Kay Scott, Executive Director of Global Environmental Compliance and Sustainability for General Motors gives 6 pointers on engaging employees in environmental management efforts and improving the bottom line. The company currently ”incorporates sustainability directly into its business plan, identifies key metrics, and sets out goals not only for the company as a whole but for each division within the company and for each individual employee”. → Read more

Until we meet again for April’s sustainability and CSR recap, we hope you’ll find interesting elements and ideas to share in our roundup!