Sustainability Roundup - June 2016

June 14, 2016
By Adriana Salazar

Once more, our Sustainability Roundup is here to fill you in on all things Sustainability & CSR. Make sure to scroll down for 10 interesting sources you might have missed this month!:

1. [Report] The State of the Sustainability Profession, 2016

Providing a concise overview of what every sustainability professional should be aware of this year, GreenBiz’ fourth State of the Profession report takes a look at the evolution of the sustainability executive and its unique role in industry. How much do sustainability professionals make? Where in the company do they report and how is their job role evolving? Read more

2. Second set of draft GRI Standards released for public comment

The second set of draft GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards is available for public comment until 17 July 2016. This latest set of 30 topic-specific, draft GRI Standards is based on the Aspects from the G4 Guidelines, and each covers a separate sustainability topic, such as Anti-Corruption, Emissions or Biodiversity in a way that is simplified, freshly structured and with the reporting needs of SMEs in mind. Read more

3. Is your Business Aligned with the SDGs?

For more tips on the role of business in driving the SDGs, it’s worth taking a look at this quick read from the Triple Pundit, listing 4 key steps companies need to take to commence successful engagement with the SDGs. Read more

4. How Big Data is driving sustainability

Through connected devices and predictive analytics, data is more prevalent than ever, and companies that can effectively put it to use are enjoying the benefits. From conservation and water risk to slavery, this article takes a look at how businesses are addressing environmental, social and governance issues all over the globe through big data. Read more

5. An inside look at L’Oreal’s sustainability makeover

For any corporate giant, it takes a great deal of effort to radically change direction. L’Oreal has dedicated three years of hard work to setting the transformation of its global beauty business in motion under its ‘Sharing Beauty With All’ (SBWA) sustainability program. Under this initiative, L’Oreal details the steps needed to increase efficiencies, green its energy supply and redesign product formulas through a process of incremental change. Read more

6. New website helps connect the dots between extreme weather events and climate change

We know that the increased severity, unpredictability and likelihood of extreme weather events linked to climate change is already impacting global businesses, causing global supply chain shortages, product delivery disruption, price increases, etc. offers a good visual reminder of the links between climate change and extreme weather events, allowing you to click on ongoing, recent and past extreme weather events on a US map, with each one featuring a schematic “tree” showing the chain of physical and social processes running up to the event. Find out more

7. [Report] Greening Global Supply Chains: From Blind Spots, to Hotspots to Actions

The Sustainability Consortium (TSC), a global organization dedicated to improving the sustainability of the consumer products industry by collaborating with its members and other stakeholders (including manufacturers, suppliers, NGOs, academics, etc.), has released its first-ever impact report, Greening Global Supply Chains: From Blind Spots to Hot Spots to Action, diving into ‘the true benefits and costs of consumer goods in the 21st century’, and ‘the market-based approach to driving more sustainable products’, among other key topics. Read more

8. [Report] Resource Efficiency in Europe: Benefits of Doing More with Less

This report from the European Environmental Agency (EEA) ‘More from less – material resource efficiency in Europe,’ takes an in-depth look at national approaches and policies on resource efficiency and explores similarities and differences in related policies, strategies and targets. The report builds on a survey, in which 32 of the 39 EEA members and cooperating countries took part. Countries provided detailed information on their resource efficiency policies and examples of good practice initiatives. Read more

9. Getting current: New tech giving more Africans access to electricity

The African continent is barely able to keep up with population growth, and the steady gains being made will not be enough to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #7: “Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.” What makes achieving this goal even more critical is the underlying assumption that energy access is a prerequisite for achieving many of the other UN sustainable development goals. This thought piece from the World Bank looks at what is being currently done to accelerate progress on energy access in Africa. Read more

10. [Infographic] GRI and the SDGs

A great infographic on how GRI is enabling business contribution to the SDGs: Go to source


We hope you enjoyed this recap! For 10 new interesting resources, tune in for July’s sustainability roundup.