Sustainability Roundup - July 2017

July 10, 2017
By Jean-Grégoire Manoukian

Once a month, our Sustainability Roundup provides a recap of 10 interesting articles and online resources on Sustainability and CSR that caught our attention. Enjoy the recap for July 2017.

3 Ways to Help Your Board Get Wiser About Sustainability

As climate risks loom larger in the corporate world, threatening the long-term viability of certain supply chains and product lines, not to mention reputation, how can corporate boards of directors gauge and respond to them more thoughtfully and effectively? Read more

4 Big Ideas in Sustainable Business

Green initiatives have taken root in the corporate world. Rising numbers of companies have promised to cut emissions, protect forests and watersheds, reduce food waste and take other steps to ensure a sustainable future for all. Behind this momentum are passionate CEOs, conscientious consumers and an increasingly purpose-driven workforce. Read more

Looking Ahead: 8 Characteristics of Bold Sustainability Leadership

Many corporate sustainability leaders are working hard to “future proof” their businesses by showing how sustainability leadership drives resilience, efficiency and growth. This article identifies characteristics that distinguish resilient and adaptive sustainability strategies from short-term fixes. Read more

Slight Signs of Progress in Sustainable Business Governance

oekom research has for the first time identified signs of overall improvement in sustainable business governance around the world. This is due to international initiatives, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals, national regulations, increasing demand for sustainable capital markets, and a general rise in sustainability awareness. Businesses also increasingly need to respond to transformation processes, such as decarbonisation in the energy sector, and e-mobility in the automobile industry. Read more

The Hottest Business Trends Are Circular

In a resource-constrained world, there’s no room for waste. Getting creative with the way we obtain, use and dispose of materials will be key for a successful and sustainable global economy. Business and sustainability experts are making a move to “go circular”, implementing better processes for sustainable inputs, improving product design and closing material loops. Read more

Top Three Communication Skills of Sustainability Influencers

Communication comes up again and again in analyses of key competencies for sustainability leadership. A sustainability influencer must be able to build bridges between science and business, between the finance department and the sales department, between NGO concerns and board-level strategy, and then get everyone moving forward in sync. A sustainability influencer must have three top communication skills, and each one has a different, but equally important function. Read more

Corporate Social Responsibility Communication in the Digital Era

The digital age has paved way for a dynamic era of corporate communication. When organizations interact with their online networks, they may find their stakeholders share their passion for good causes. Online communication has potential to create a ripple effect that grows as it reaches wider audiences. And social media empowers users to engage with organizations on a range of issues. So why not CSR? Read more

Six Companies Who Go Global and Local With CSR

People often align with an organization’s values or implementation of social responsibility in the workplace or community, locally and globally. Many companies are on board with CSR, as it directly affects them and the communities they reach. This article takes a look at some companies that have successfully implemented CSR practices. Read more

6 Graphics Show How U.S. Utilities Are Turning Corporate Demand into Renewables Growth

Utilities are breaking away from traditional electricity products to offer customers access to large-scale renewable energy. Over the past four years, even regulated U.S. utilities have begun to offer new, large-scale renewable energy options to customers. This article takes a closer look at the trends and motivations that have made utilities important players in the rapid scale up of renewable energy to serve corporate buyers in the U.S. Read more

Why CFOs Choose Corporate Sustainability

Who is driving corporate sustainability forward? In this interview, David Lubin, co-founder and managing director of Constellation Research and Technology, shares his perspective on CFOs’ role in steering the wheel of these decisions. It often takes a dedicated commitment made by a CEO to make a compelling case for corporate sustainability, and an integrated sustainability plan carried out by the CFO to make it happen. Read more

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