Sustainability Roundup - January 2017

January 16, 2017

As we launch a new year on the blog, we’re also back with your monthly fix of sustainability and CSR news and resources. Enjoy the first Sustainability Roundup of 2017!

1. The 2016 Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index Report

Published annually since 2012, the Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index measures current and future capability of countries to generate and/or sustain financial and non-financial income and wealth for its population. The Index, topped by Scandinavian nations for the 5th consecutive year, is based on 109 quantitative performance indicators, grouped in the 5 pillars of sustainable competitiveness: natural capital, resource intensity, intellectual capital, social cohesion, and governance. >Read more

2. Motivating Employees in the New Year: Three Tips to Increase Participation in Sustainability Programs

According to Nielsen, 66% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable brands — up from 55% in 2014 and 50% in 2013. These sustainable behaviors also transcend into the workplace: Having employees who are aware and engaged in your company’s sustainability measures is no longer just “nice to have.” It is now a key competitive business advantage. This quick read shares 3 tips for motivating employees to participate in sustainability programs to help make 2017 your organization’s most environmentally-friendly year yet. >Read more

3. 7 Reports Making a Difference

Greenbiz’s excellent ‘Report Report’ series brings readers highlights from recent reports that are worth a look : ‘Too often, reports from business groups and analysts gather dust on desks, or virtual dust in email inboxes. That’s a lot of wisdom left untapped’. Resources from WWF, CDP, The Nature Conservancy and more make the list in this installment >Access reports

Leading oil and gas firms acknowledge the importance of looking at new, innovative ways to empower and protect their workforce and minimze the risk of incidents. This is where the use of an EHS software solution makes a vital difference. We spoke with Dave Deffenbaugh, Senior Health and Safety Technician at Apache Corporation, about this and more:

5.  Global Trends & Opportunities: 2016 and Beyond

Once more, international strategic consultancy and think-tank SustainAbility released its annual trends outlook, interviewing two dozen global sustainability experts on their expectations for 2016 and beyond, honing in on key issues and opportunities that will define the field, and on signals for companies and others to watch. >Read more

6. Investors Sharpen Focus on Social and Environmental Risks to Stocks

The amount of assets managed using E.S.G. factors has more than tripled to $8.1 trillion since 2010, according to a report issued in November by the US SIF Foundation, which tracks sustainable investing. Surveys have shown that younger investors like the approach and calls for fossil-fuel divestment linked to climate-change concerns are raising awareness. >Read more

7. EPA is Now Priortizing and Evaluating Chemical Risks

The Environmental Protection Agency announced on Friday January 13 that it is in the process of restructuring how it will be prioritizing and evaluating chemicals, especially in connection to past shortcomings in the enforcement of corporate disclosures around chemical use. In compliance with the Toxic Substances Control Act, the final processes are to be put in place before June 22, 2017. >Read more

8. World Bank Raises 2017 Oil Price Forecast

In the latest Commodities Markets Outlook, the World Bank is raising its 2017 forecast for crude oil prices to $55 per barrel from $53 as members of OPEC prepare to limit production after a long period of unrestrained output. >Read more

9. SDG Implementation: What’s on the Horizon for 2017?

Among other trends, this January 10 IISD policy brief (SDG Knowledge Hub) analyzes whether the traditional issue-area silos will “learn to dance,” as well as what the second round of Voluntary National Reviews will bring to our common understanding of SDG implementation. In addition to exploring the role of partnerships and finance, the policy brief also looks at how global indicators contribute to tracking accountability to the 2030 Agenda. >Learn more

10. How Sustainability Professionals Must Lead in 2017

Let’s take a look at a few items on the 2017 laundry list: We have a new, controversial president-elect, a vociferous commitment to honor and fulfill the Paris Agreement from attending leaders at COP22, and ongoing news about the growth of renewable energy at cost parity. We have much more action on sustainability at the city and municipality levels, global trade unrest, increasing cadence of support for the Sustainable Development Goals as a progress roadmap. Continued research  also indicates that millennials would rather work at purpose-led and mission-aligned organizations”. >Read more

As always, we’ll see you in a month for more sustainability and CSR updates.