Sustainability Roundup - January 2016

January 18, 2016
By Adriana Salazar

A new year has started and another month has gone by, which means it’s time to take a look at what the Sustainability & CSR world has been buzzing about since we left for the holidays.

While 2015 closed with the landmark diplomatic and political success of COP21, 2016 marks the beginning of the Post-2015 era. This year, the long road towards achieving the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) will take its first steps and the Paris Agreement could be ratified as soon as April.

To kick-start what is sure to be a year worth tracking, and as part of our monthly rendez-vous, here are 10 Sustainability and CSR online resources that have recently caught our attention:

1. Questions that Sustainability Execs Want to be Asked in 2016

As part of GreenBiz’s series on the biggest challenges and opportunities for corporate sustainability executives, this article takes a look at the key issues that sustainability execs want to talk about this year and the main questions they want to be asked. > Read more.

2. Reaching Stakeholders in a Click: The Power of Online Engagement

This insightful blog post, first published on LinkedIn Pulse and written by CSR Advisor Ilaria Gualtieri, tackles the impact of globalization and web 2.0 technologies on stakeholder engagement and CSR. What are some best practices your business can put into place to successfully communicate CSR on the web? What’s the difference between communication and engagement, and what makes digital stakeholder engagement truly effective? >Read more.

3. The Role of Investors After Paris

While public financing will underpin the implementation of the Paris Agreement, private financing will be equally critical, with the private sector showing an ‘unprecedented level of engagement’ throughout negotiations. This Huffington Post interview with Geeta Aiyer, CFA, President and Founder of Boston Common Asset Management, offers excellent insights into the role of investors in achieving the goals of COP21. >Read more.

4. Next Stop for Paris Climate Deal: The Courts

This interesting article, published by Politico, analyzes the different possibilities and enforcement mechanisms that could help ensure that the Paris agreement is brought to life. Even once the agreement enters into force (when at least 55 countries accounting for 55% of global emissions ratify it), the binding part of the deal still does not foresee detailed enforcement mechanisms, other than a public progress review to take place every five years. The text also leaves a ‘freedom of means’ as to how countries should reach their emissions reduction targets. As the author points out, ‘This is where individuals, NGOs and other advocacy groups come in. If they feel that a government policy falls short of the agreement’s goals, they could take it to court’.>Read more.

5. The Top 10 Sustainability Reports of 2015

As she has been doing for the past few years on her blog, and loosely using the AIM methodology (Authenticity, Impacts, Materiality), Elaine Cohen once again sums up her top 10 sustainability reports of the year. >Read more.

6. SDGs to Kick In With Start of New Year

Following the era of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), on January 1st of this year, the UN officially began leading the way on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the ambitious set of 17 global development goals, with 2030 as a new deadline. Get to know each goal and the challenges that lay ahead through this brief by UN-News.>Read more.

7. A New Year’s Resolution from the Private Sector: The Sustainable Development Goals

This article published on BSR’s blog explores the important role of private sector engagement in achieving the SDGs: ‘There is strong recognition that the SDGs will not be achieved through government initiatives alone: All stakeholders, and particularly the private sector, need to contribute their resources and creativity’.>Read more.

8. The Triple Bottom-Line: A Look at Sustainable Global Businesses

Highlighting 6 global corporations turning in a profit while fostering change, this infographic from the University of Vermont makes the business case for sustainable business models.>Source


9. Two Questions Every Investor Should ask About Climate Risk

Forbes Tech takes a look at the two questions every investor should ask in order to assess the readiness of any particular company towards transitioning to the low-carbon economy.>Read more.

10. Businesses Leading the Way Towards a Renewable Energy Future

Between minutes 6:00 and 55:00 of the video below, you’ll find the recording of a particularly interesting side-event panel session that took place during COP21 (‘Re-Energizing the Future’), as part of the conference’s renewable energy track. With the goal of proving that the deployment of renewable energy makes good business sense, top sustainability managers from world-class companies such as Facebook and Google sat down for a unique conversation:>Read more.

Until we meet again for February’s roundup, we hope you’ll find these sources insightful!