Sustainability Roundup - April 2018

April 16, 2018
By Jean-Grégoire Manoukian

Once a month, our Sustainability Roundup provides a recap of 10 interesting articles and online resources on Sustainability and CSR that caught our attention. Enjoy the recap for April 2018.

[Report] Business and the Sustainable Development Goals: Best Practices to Seize Opportunity and Maximise Credibility

Corporate ambition around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is set to increase. Some companies are recognising the need to operate in stable economies and that growing inequality, poverty and climate and water risks are threats to almost any business model. This paper looks at key opportunities and challenges businesses have faced, lessons learned, and recommendations on how companies can enhance current practices and mitigate risk to deliver meaningful contributions toward the SDGs. Read more

[Report] Private-Sector Collaboration for Sustainable Development

The private sector has a role to play in fulfilling the objectives laid down in the SDGs and the Paris Agreement, but business as usual won’t work. New ways of leveraging business’s collective assets and resources through collaboration are needed. This report identifies what makes collaborations successful and how companies can best prepare to make the most of their investments in private-sector collaboration. Read more

Show Me – The Growing Importance of Supply Chain Traceability

As companies realize the benefits of leaning on their supply chains to be accountable for the environmental and social footprints of components and the products they deliver, supply chain traceability and transparency grow in importance. This article looks at steps that you can take to get your supply chain to lower their environmental footprint and improve their social standing. Read more

Best Practices for Promoting Resource Efficiency in Your Supply Chain

Effectively managing the supply chain is critical for all companies. This article is a follow-up to the previous one on the growing importance of supply chain traceability, and looks at some proven best practices to encourage resource efficiency in your supply chain. Read more

3 Tips to Win over the Corporate Procurement Team

According to a survey, more than half of corporate sustainability professionals view their company’s supply chain/procurement function as the one that their team needs to work with most closely. However, while most companies have established a working relationship between sustainability and supply chain, few have found ways to work together effectively. Read more

Working Conditions in Global Supply Chains: What and How to Measure

Despite decades of intense attention, poor working conditions persist in global supply chains. The first step in correcting poor working conditions is identifying them. To do this, companies need credible, usable indicators. Unfortunately, creating indicators tailored to any one supply chain is difficult. This article provides five guidelines companies can apply to increase their chances of getting the indicators right. Read more

How to Make Sustainability Every Employee’s Responsibility

Companies that are winning the sustainability battle have created the conditions for their stakeholders to own sustainability. In these companies, sustainability is not someone else’s problem. This article presents a three-phase model that shows how companies can move beyond rhetoric and take ownership of sustainability. Read more

4 Ways Companies Can Price Carbon: Lessons from India That Can Work Anywhere

According to CDP, 1,389 firms around the world were pricing or planning to price carbon internally. WRI India recently surveyed 27 Indian companies that are developing plans to implement an internal carbon price. WRI found that there are four ways to price carbon, and these methods can be applied globally. Read more

How Far Has Your Industry Group Traveled Along the Sustainability Journey?

Where is your industry association on the sustainability continuum? Do you know what it’s doing to help your sector anticipate, influence and steer during these disruptive times? There are risks that industry associations can’t ignore. You will find this article interesting if you’re concerned about what associations are doing to assess and address sustainability risks and opportunities. Read more

The Business Benefits of Sustainability Partnerships

Business leaders often find themselves in the position of wanting to make their establishments more sustainable, but realizing they don’t have the knowledge and resources required to successfully do so. In that common case, sustainability partnerships can fill the void. Read more

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