SPF Americas 2015 in 15 Pictures!

October 13, 2015

What do a dinosaur, a ballerina, and an astronaut have in common? They’ve all been on stage during one of the !

If you’ve ever been to one of our SPF Conferences, you know that they are probably the most unexpected, funny and thought-provoking events in Sustainability, EHS and Risk Management. Enablon’s mission is not only to educate attendees around market trends and software solutions, but also entertain them and make SPF an experience they’re not going to forget.

Here are 15 pictures of SPF Americas 2015 that will give you a glimpse on what to expect for the 2016 editions.

2cQFdbBv09EGsUSfkX7-yvJ4WF7Gas_Mh4UjDVhLWmY,AT1fNHeH1EmHY6svzQjBmw7n5E_x9BdXSTF140Ur1RcAll the staff is ready to welcome 500 attendees over 3 days! The hashtag to follow the event is #SPFAmericas.


B2gmOd4Cb0_KaankmgsulS9BmuZmFl4oPhE0gBTSr2Q,IhYXgB6H29BAQnZGtfP8BoFeVXpuOgPzU3yQi_CdbX0A ballerina dancer opens the Keynote illustrating the concept of “Agility”.



Dan Vogel, Enablon CEO, opens the Keynote by sharing the Enablon vision: “Enabling the Sustainable Company”.


ukgEbD-trNvF-I2tnhxgOWQ3WMVCKJQx7Uhzmx8aJEYAnne-Lucie Werquin shows a demo of the latest Enablon mobility application: the Mobile Safety app!


kAD4sDg3tCR9KEqL1a6lDXfWEE5j11Mjky0fh25esUcMary-Kate is living proof that one does not have to be an IT expert to be able to use the Enablon platform.


GiGdbNjp2zydX1Brg-uHzrtD7VdVK975wJnLWd6HlwMA dinosaur joins Phil Tesler, Enablon North-America CEO, on stage during the Keynote.


j8OSlZ2v-ge88dU3oaTvzwjf9vcW-fbVFiy_tjvlNHk,g2wEsx3UwobOtgKLvzM7JURMjR6P5gnq6uE6OqsZRkkAnna Clark, Scott Nadler from ERM, Christopher McClean from Forrester Research, Inc., Rachel Degenhardt from Enhesa, Marianne Voss from Sedex, and Pat Taylor-Woodyard from CH2M are about to discuss how to go beyond resilience towards operational excellence during the Keynote Panel.


1M7tl5EZHyRpIj3gFkRq4bFElfl1U0VU-wkCi3GhtCc Lizanne Gildenhuys from Anglo American presents the lessons learned from many years of leveraging the Enablon platform to support EHS initiatives in a Customer Case Study session.


Bo-OJpYQMWPS7F532CyCh32RZQd2omKoCwy7FrUR8UAAttendees sharing their ideas, experiences and best practices during the “Aerospace and Defense” Roundtable, among other industries.


7qEUFMgqLgrWvZI3v8gwzozswBleYKRg-P2FwXtvNeULet’s jump in the traditional Chicago trolleys to go to the Gala Dinner!


6D1gkao_MhnztzXYlh3eA501SyN4UlmdaTBNAoh4TCQAttendees arrive at the Field Museum for the Enablon Awards Ceremony, Gala Dinner and After Party.


igMhrI3B94E1oH1HtcdGKJVhLe9JqjPJkn0MSNU-CpM,CReFrPzpwsVoWfTD8hkYOZyGh88eekju84DaaGtwlyIA little bit of fun and self-derision is the roadmap of the evening!


Laurent PierreLaurent Pierre, Enablon Global Alliances Manager, is about to spend “one night at the museum” with Enablon Partners.


xgpYiHhgY-VC-b2KEC1MTPChwCIAklMQ5jCjMmjYTIIRon Johnston, Laurent Pierre, Pascal Gaudé and Phil Tesler run the show with “Night at the Museum” costumes to deliver Enablon Awards to customers and partners.


TeamOur devoted team is here to take care of everything. Thanks to all of you for your great work!Sustainable Performance Americas 2016