Software Excellence in Fewer Steps

December 05, 2017

How can you tell when a tool approaches design perfection? When using it seems effortless, and life becomes just a bit easier. Think about a ratchet screwdriver, with a gearing system that takes the pain out of turning screws. Think about your car, how easy it is to start the engine. There’s no cranking, no pushing, no effort. Sometimes there’s not even a key. Think about your phone and every app that you rely on. They work immediately when you want them to, and that is the hallmark of great design. Well-designed tools move your life forward with greater efficiency and less effort.

My name is Kyle Schiber. I’m the Product Manager for environmental and process safety applications at Enablon. I’m the person who decides how those products should look, feel, and function, and what new features need to be added. That might appear easy at first glance, but when you have short timelines, plenty of customers asking for different things, and have to allocate resources wisely, it gets complicated. Which voices should I listen to? How do I determine what to add to the product? How do I make the product more valuable to all of our users?

When these decisions turn difficult, or prioritization of a certain feature is challenging, I think of our users, and I repeat a simple mantra: more intelligence, fewer steps.

Enablon is in the business of developing and delivering intelligent software solutions for a range of essential industrial priorities, including , Air Quality Assessment, and Incident Management, to name just a few. These are all extremely important areas to the lives of workers, customers, and everyday citizens. Our solutions handle millions of data points and many scenarios, and are very sophisticated on the inside. But the mantra remains, and I do everything I can to ensure the operation of our solutions is as effortless as possible.

I know that when companies use Enablon solutions, it’s because they have a task that needs to be done. It needs to be done right, and it needs to be done now. Whether you are entering data, completing a checklist, or pulling up vital information, these actions may have a huge impact on your company’s future. The faster and more efficiently my products get you through a task, and the fewer steps you have to take, the better the job I have done.

Take our smart cards for example. They are not just good looking. When you use a new smart card, or if you use our , they help you complete a task faster and more easily than navigating through the platform manually. When you see a new report being generated, that report shows you data that you no longer have to search for. When we add a new feature to an Enablon product, its primary mission is to enable you to complete your task faster and better than ever. More intelligence, fewer steps.

I still want to hear from you, of course. Some of our greatest innovations come from ideas, thoughts and “what if’s” from our customers around the world. And the amazing thing is, a health and safety professional from an aerospace company might just be the person whose words help build a state-of-the-art software solution for food and beverage manufacturers, even though they are two completely different industries. That’s how it goes.

An additional benefit of getting more done more easily through our products is that you gain more time to learn, communicate, and get even more done. It’s a win-win-win for everyone.

That’s Enablon! More intelligence in fewer steps.

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