Safetip #8: Use Third-Party Firms to Prequalify Contractors

December 16, 2015
By Jean-Grégoire Manoukian

In this week’s Safetip, we take a look at contractor safety, and one way of reducing the risk of hiring contractors with questionable safety performance.

Contractor Safety Impacts Your Safety Performance

Companies, such as construction firms, have a number of responsibilities to take into account when they use contractors. Workplace safety can be impacted when work performed by contractors is not properly supervised to adhere to a company’s safety standards.

Companies need to pay attention to contractor safety, to make sure that their own safety performance is not negatively impacted by their contractors’ safety performance. There are many best practices to help organizations manage contractor safety more effectively.

Widespread Use of Third-Party Prequalifying Agencies

The National Safety Council’s Campbell Institute released a research paper that collects best practices of 14 world-class organizations in EHS around the management of contractor and supplier safety. According to the report, a majority of organizations involved in the study use third-party prequalifying companies or are about to launch a program that makes use of such companies.

One of the reasons why companies are using external prequalifying agencies is because of the great size and number of projects involving contractors, the report says. The widespread use and large scope of contractors in global organizations often makes necessary the services of prequalifying companies to handle a large part of the initial vetting process.

The report says, for example, that Cummins uses a third-party prequalifying agency because the agency helps contractors find performance gaps and areas of improvement. The agency works with contractors to address the gaps and become better candidates to bid on Cummins projects. In addition, AECOM uses a third-party prequalifying agency because the agency has experience prequalifying contractors, which is an industry where AECOM is very active.

Additional Resources

Here are links to additional resources on contractor safety, some of which were used for this post:

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