Safetip #77: Communicate Observation Data & Analysis Results

May 03, 2017
By Jean-Grégoire Manoukian

This week’s Safetip is about Behavior-Based Safety (BBS), and communicating to workers the data collected from observations and the results from the analysis.

The Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA) has outlined a BBS process in a best practice document. The first five steps of the process are:

1) Identify the behaviors critical to obtaining the required safety performance.
2) Communicate the behaviors and how they are performed correctly to all employees.
3) Observe the workforce and record safe/at risk behaviors.
4) Collect and record observation data.
5) Summarize and analyze observation data.

The sixth step of COAA’s best practice consists of communicating observation data and analysis results to all employees.

Communication Can Encourage Workers to Change Behaviors

As part of your BBS process, be sure to communicate the results of the observations, the summarized data, the data analysis and any changes to antecedents, consequences or conditions to all workers (antecedents are activators or prompts that initiate a behavior, consequences either encourage or discourage repetition of the behavior). This type of communication must happen because it ensures that workers are kept informed of the results of observations and changes that may be happening. This also encourages them to continue participating, COAA says.

Communication to workers can influence behaviors. As the best practice document says, “What is not known cannot be corrected”. By simply communicating the information, it’s expected that workers can proactively correct their unsafe behaviors.

Make sure also that the communication method is suited to the audience. Notices on bulletin boards, storyboards or at meetings are all acceptable methods, as well as sending the information by e-mail or through an online company portal. COAA says that a prominent bulletin board can be very effective because it’s always visible and thus gives continuous feedback on behaviors.

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