Safetip #61: Periodic Assessments of Contractors

January 11, 2017
By Jean-Grégoire Manoukian

This week’s Safetip is about contractor safety and periodic, scheduled assessments of contractors during contract terms. The best practice is highlighted by the Campbell Institute at the National Safety Council, which published a research paper in 2015 that includes best practices of 14 world-class organizations in EHS around the management of contractor and supplier safety.

Verify That Contractors Have Followed Safety Standards

According to the Campbell Institute’s report, all organizations included in the research have some type of periodic and scheduled assessment of hired contractors during contract terms. Organizations verify that contractors have followed safety standards established, and agreed to, when they were hired. The assessments can include daily checklists or safety talks, weekly walkthroughs or monthly or yearly evaluations and reviews. Here’s a sample of specific assessments performed by research participants:

  • Daily inspections of contractor work to make sure that it’s in compliance with a Pre-Task Safety Plan submitted before work began.
  • A monitoring process of contractors that includes, in addition to routine oversight, Performance Reviews and Field Verifications that together account for 65% of a contractor’s grade. Frequency of reviews and verifications is based on the work project’s risk profile and overall contractor grade.
  • Maintenance of incident logs to monitor contractor safety during a project.

Here are examples from the report of actions by contractors to produce data used as input to the assessments performed by the hiring organizations:

  • Contract workers are required to submit safety observations. Each worker must complete and document a minimum of two observations per month.
  • Use of a mobile application to report observations (non-compliance or unsafe conditions) on a daily basis, and measure “time to closure” as a leading metric.
  • Contractors are required to provide quarterly reports on lost-time injuries and dollar losses.
  • Contractors are required to maintain incident and near miss report logs to ensure that proper corrective actions are implemented.

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