Safetip #53: Implement & Monitor Solutions that Address Near Misses

November 02, 2016
By Jean-Grégoire Manoukian

This week’s Safetip is about identifying, implementing and monitoring solutions that address near misses.

Identify and Implement the Necessary Solutions

In a previous Safetip, we mentioned that the . Once causes have been determined, it’s time to identify a solution for each cause of a near miss. Many times near misses can be addressed with small changes, such as installing mats or carpets that prevent slips and falls in walking areas that could get wet because they are located near exits.

But there will be instances where a simple solution will not be enough, and a serious hazard will need to be addressed to reduce the risk of incidents. An OHS Insider article mentions the following safety measures that can be implemented to address the causes of a near miss, ranked from the most ideal to the least ideal:

  • Elimination of the cause of the hazard.
  • Reduction of the potential hazard level or degree of risk of exposure to it.
  • Installation of safety devices.
  • Installation of warning signs to alert people to the hazard.
  • Implementation of new safe work procedures to account for the hazard.
  • Increased worker awareness of the hazard, such as through safety talks.

Monitor the Implemented Solutions

According to the OHS Insider article, once a solution has been implemented, the workers affected by the near miss should be informed, including the worker who and those who work in the area where the near miss occurred. All workers must also receive proper training if the solution revises safety procedures or introduces new ones. Finally, the implemented solutions must be monitored to ensure that they are addressing effectively the causes of the near misses and are not creating unexpected hazards.

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