Safetip #18: Train Workers on Near Miss Reporting

March 02, 2016

Many organizations track near miss reporting as a leading safety indicator. Reporting near misses can help identify workplace hazards, leading to measures that prevent potential incidents and accidents. Our previous Safetips on the topic included the , and . In this week’s Safetip, we talk about training workers on near miss reporting.

Training Encourages Near Miss Reporting

According to OHS Insider, workers may be more inclined to report near misses if they understand the importance of near miss reporting in improving workplace safety. Therefore, in order to encourage near miss reporting, organizations should train workers on the value of near misses and their role in properly managing near miss events.

Contents of Training on Near Miss Reporting

Here is a list of topics that the training should cover:

  • Definition of a “near miss” and how to identify one.
  • Why the identification of near misses is important.
  • The role of each workplace stakeholder in near miss reporting.
  • What a near miss reporting program is, how it works and the responsibilities of all parties in it.
  • How to report a near miss by entering it in a central EHS, Safety or Incident Management software system.
  • How to report a near miss though an app on a mobile device.
  • The for reporting near misses (if applicable).
  • The consequences of not reporting a near miss.

Additional Resources

Here are links to additional resources on near miss reporting, some of which were used for this post:

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