Risk Roundup - March 2018

March 19, 2018

Once a month, our Risk Roundup provides a recap of 10 interesting articles and online resources on Risk and GRC that caught our attention. Enjoy the recap for March 2018.

The New ISO 31000 Keeps Risk Management Simple

Damage to reputation or brand, cyber crime, political risk and terrorism are some of the risks that organizations must face with increasing frequency. The latest version of ISO 31000 helps to manage the uncertainty. ISO 31000:2018 delivers a clearer, shorter and more concise guide that will help organizations use risk management principles to improve planning and make better decisions. Read more

How ERM Can Support Strategy and Performance

With the 2017 update of the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework, COSO recognized the importance of aligning ERM to an organization’s strategy and performance. This article discusses aspects of the updated framework, what organizations can do to better connect risk management to strategy and performance, and what boards are expecting from ERM programs. Read more

Social Risk Moves Centre Stage

Social issues are becoming more important than ever to strategic and operational management and the way we deal with risk and uncertainty. Social considerations are wide ranging and affect all aspects of business. While each organization has a unique set of circumstances, there are common interlinked factors when it comes to social risk. Read more

What 2017 Taught Businesses About Disasters?

What did 2017 taught us about business continuity and disasters? Should business continuity be a priority for your organization? What threats should be expected in 2018? This video addresses these questions to help you better prepare. Watch video


The fact that financial resources are limited means that risks must be evaluated to determine their priorities, therefore risk owners should ensure that their risks get visibility. Risk owners should give visibility to their risks to make sure that the required resources to mitigate them are allocated.

Why Operational Risk Management is Vital – and Where it’s Headed

Mitigating risk is a challenge that every company faces but it’s sometimes a difficult thing to confront. It can mean anything from having more money set aside for workers’ compensation to an awareness of transaction risk in cross-border deals – that’s why there can often be a reluctance in certain sectors to properly address it. Read more

These Are the Top 10 Threats to Global Business

Cyber-attacks, data breaches and unplanned IT outages remain the top threats to business according to research by the BSI and the Business Continuity Institute. The report covers the top concerns, emerging threats and actual incidents based on the experiences of businesses worldwide. This article highlights the top ten threats and the steps you can take to prepare. Read more

8 Ways to Treat Risks

Project managers face threats that may limit their ability to achieve goals. They also encounter opportunities that could allow them to make greater progress, if properly seized. Project managers should plan for both threats and opportunities. This article mentions eight strategies that can be used. Read more

Evaluating Risks Using Quantitative Risk Analysis

Project managers should be prepared to perform different types of risk analysis. For many projects, the quicker qualitative risk analysis is enough. But there are occasions when you will benefit from a quantitative risk analysis: What is it? Why should we perform it? And when should it be performed? Read more

How Boards Can Protect and Enhance Reputation with the Right Levers

An organization’s reputation is among its most valuable assets, and risks to reputation are increasing steadily. In today’s hyper-connected world, information—whether positive or negative—travels quickly and both the board and management must do all they can to stay ahead of threats to reputation. Read more

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