Risk Roundup - January 2017

January 23, 2017
By Jean-Grégoire Manoukian

Once a month, our Risk Roundup provides a recap of 10 interesting articles and online resources on Risk and GRC that caught our attention. Enjoy the recap for January 2017!

Five Steps to Developing a Comprehensive Risk Appetite Framework

Effective risk governance is critical to building and implementing an effective enterprise risk management (ERM) program, and the most critical risk governance aspect is . Defined as “the amount of risk, on a broad level, an organization is willing to accept in pursuit of value”, risk appetite is a codification of a strategic philosophy regarding risk. While this article is about U.S. federal agencies, it can nevertheless apply to any type of organization. Read more

Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) Technology: Enabling the Three Lines of Defense

GRC technology is needed to create a robust and sustainable risk management model. GRC technology enables agile and resilient risk management processes by providing a common platform to collaborate, exchange information and conduct reporting. To build the agility and resilience needed, companies are increasingly emphasizing a “three lines of defense” approach to risk management. Read more and download the report.


The Real Risks: The Ones Not in the Typical List of Top Risks

There have been many articles about the top risks to organizations across the world in 2017, such as cyber-security, political upheaval, economic instability, etc. This article shares a different type of list. It includes risks that are perhaps the most critical but, for whatever reason, rarely figure on any risk register or other ERM report. Read more

​Leadership at the Speed of Risk

Today’s business leaders must decipher a vexing risk/reward puzzle. Those leaders who have excelled at finding the right balance among risk, reward and speed are highly valued. Today’s greatest business leaders are, in a word, risk-centric. They recognize that failure to identify and manage rapidly emerging risks can prove lethal. Contemporary leaders who excel in “leading at the speed of risk” share four risk traits that set them apart: risk awareness, risk intuition, risk acceptance and risk courage. Read more

More Resilience, Less Risk: Six Reputation Management Predictions for 2017

This article includes six predictions for people considering risk and reputation management for the year ahead. The predictions ask people to challenge conventional wisdom and thinking, and encourage a much more dynamic, innovative and digital approach. Read more

While the need to reduce costs and stay productive is an important goal for any company, compliance and the risk of an adverse event are still top of mind. By realizing that are not just chores, rather critical processes that enable compliance and safety, companies will begin to see improvements in performance. In 7 simple steps, a company can build a compliant and effective audit and inspection process that is easy to conduct and properly managed.

Designing the Best Risk Management Training for Your Company

Risk management may seem simple enough in theory, yet many employees still don’t have the necessary skills and competencies to successfully apply it in practice. One of the key components in building risk management skills is employee training and development. There are a number of initiatives that can be implemented to significantly improve the effectiveness of risk management training. Read more

Help Protect Your Company’s Reputation

In recent years, many companies suffered reputation and brand damage as a result of actions or inactions by executives and employees. EHS professionals should consider framing their work in the context of corporate reputation risk to complement the risks being tracked by the business. Read more

The Routineness of Non-Compliant Conduct

This article is about a recent book that explores the mundaneness of how white-collar criminals slide into illegal conduct. There are not many employees who go into a job committed to engaging into criminal actions. They usually get there one step at a time. A compliance program can work to not only stop conduct moving into an illegal realm, but protect the company from the illegal actions of its employees. Read more

You Won’t Believe These Email Subject ​​Lines – Clickbait for Internal Audit

The only thing more difficult than getting someone to open an email is getting them to open an email that comes from internal audit. The solution? Clickbait! This fun post includes some subject lines you might use to get th​at reluctant auditee to open your latest e-mail. Read more

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