Introducing the 2019 Enablon Charity World Bike Tour

March 26, 2019

My name is Erhi, I’m based in London in the UK and I’ve been at Enablon for three years. Last year was an especially busy time for me and the company as we significantly increased our activities and the number of organizations in EMEA using Enablon.

If you ask me what I’m the proudest of from my work last year, many things do come to mind. However, there’s one achievement that I’m particularly proud of and that I want to share: Last year, as part of the sustainability initiatives around our SPF EMEA event held in June, a few of my colleagues and I cycled 330 kilometers from London to Paris to raise awareness to the plight of the honeybees, and to raise funds for Bees Abroad.

Bees Abroad is a UK-based charity focused on ‘Poverty Alleviation through Beekeeping’. It is presently working in nine sub-Saharan countries and has many completed self-sustainable projects. The organization seeks poverty reduction through training beekeepers and trainers, researching and documenting best practice, and sharing it at local policy level and among its peers.

Making a Difference

I’m very pleased to say that we raised about €4 861 or US$ 5 517 as a result of our fundraising efforts around the 2018 London-Paris Charity Bike Ride. The funds were used for the Africa Ray of Hope Organisation (ARHO) project in Uganda and the Samedek Agro Beekeeping Project in Nigeria.

In Uganda, ARHO is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-political and multi-sectorial organization. Its main goal is improvement of health, education and living conditions in underprivileged communities.

Bees Abroad will start with an intensive train the trainer course for 4 AHRO members who will become community mobilisers. They will first establish a community training apiary and then gradually roll out hives to 20 family groups with 6 hives per family. Protective clothing and essential beekeeping equipment will be given to each family. Here’s an ARHO group photo:


In Nigeria, Samedek group members are local rural farmers and graduate volunteers who work with local rural farmers on agricultural extension activities. The mandate of the group is to improve rural agriculture.

As part of the Samedek Agro Beekeeping Project, Bees Abroad will provide training for 20 local farmers and 5 graduate extension volunteers. The training aims to introduce and support beekeeping as an income producing rural agricultural activity as a means of self-reliant livelihood. This will be based on modern beekeeping practices, information, tools and techniques. Here’s a project photo:

Samedek Agro Beekeeping Project

Going Global

Since the London-Paris charity bike ride was well received, in 2019 we decided to up the stakes: We’re launching a global charity bike tour on three continents.

This is quite an evolution from the humble origins of the Enablon charity bike ride, which started some years ago when a few employees from the Enablon London office decided to travel to Paris in a more sustainable way by bicycle for the annual SPF EMEA event, rather than train or plane. In addition, they decided to leverage the ride to raise money for charity.

Each stage of the 2019 Enablon Charity World Bike Tour will coincide with one of our SPF conferences. Around the same time as SPF, some Enablonians will embark on a bike ride to raise funds for Bees Abroad.

In fact, the first stage has already taken place, and here are some pictures of our brave Enablonians who defied the intense Australian heat to ride for charity after SPF Australia:


Australia Bike Ride

Australia Bike Ride
Keep following our blog and our social media channels around the time of each SPF conference as we share more pictures from the 2019 Enablon Charity World Bike Tour.

In the meantime, please consider donating to Bees Abroad, the charity that we’re supporting through the bike tour, as they help to ensure the continued survival of the honeybee and reduce poverty in the developing world. Two great causes being addressed simultaneously!



Erhi Gbegbaje-Das

Erhi Gbegbaje-Das

Solutions Consultant