How to Make the Most of Your Time at SPF Americas 2015!

September 02, 2015

Working in the EMIS space for more than 17-years as a services provider and being a close partner of Enablon for the past years, when we were asked by Enablon staff, “What recommendations do you have for our attendees to make the most of their time at ?”, we put our thoughts together and were able to come up with our top six list of recommendations.

1. Network!

This event provides a unique and rare opportunity to network. With more than 500 attendees and peer leaders from across industries assembled to discuss their EMIS, make it a personal goal to meet and talk with at least six people who are new to you, and learn at least one useful thing that will help your organization. Networking within your industry is great, but sometimes we learn just as much by talking to people outside of our industries too!

2. If you are in the “buying” process – seek out references!

If you are currently considering whether to purchase Enablon, make it a point to seek out and find client references that you can ask questions. Even if you are not yet ready to ask detailed questions, make contacts that you can call in a month, a year, or whenever you are ready. Sometimes the best information regarding buy decisions comes from the anecdotal stories of users!

3. If you are a current user, influence Enablon product direction

Enablon product owners will be present throughout the event. Seek them out and brainstorm your needs and ideas to them. They are driven to make their product better for all users and can only do that by hearing first hand where improvements would benefit you, the customer. If you cannot find the product owner you are looking for, ask any Enablon or E2 staffer for help.

4. Consider optimizing your existing Enablon system.

EHS systems need refreshes to stay current whether by adding additional modules, expanding user adoption, or extending training throughout your organization. Gather information to evaluate whether you are getting all you can from your investment, and whether you should consider a system re-fresh for optimization purposes.

5. Explore implementation options

Use this time to speak with the range of consultants who will be exhibiting at the event. Talk with possible implementation partners and learn more about their expertise. Similarly to software, seek out Implementation Partner references. Which consultants have won awards for service delivery? Which have an untainted track record of successful delivery? Have they worked in your business area? Do they focus in this niche area of EHS MIS or are they dabbling or new at it? Do they have expertise in your specific challenges? These are the Implementation Partners you want to use and develop a relationship now!

6. Gather data to develop a total cost of ownership

Remember that a successful EMIS begins with a GREAT product like Enablon! However, to maximize user acceptance and user adoption, the true cost of addressing people and process challenges must be factored into the overall project. Use your time at SPF to talk to other users about their true cost and schedule to deploy. It will be tremendously beneficial to gather as many data points on this topic as possible!

We hope to see you there!

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