Harnessing the Power of Mobility with Enablon & the Apple Watch

September 06, 2016
By Adriana Salazar

Whether you’re a tech fan or not, Apple keynote events are also cultural events that reach well beyond the ‘bubble’ of consumer tech industry insiders, with specialized and mainstream blogs and media buzzing with rumors of potential releases and announcements months in advance.

Apple’s highly anticipated Special Event keynote will be livestreaming today September 7 at 10 a.m. PDT and here’s what we already know: The new iPhone 7, new MacPro, new Macbook, and new iPod Touch, will all possibly be making an appearance and/or launching. Those working at the intersection between tech and EHS however, should be especially interested in learning more about what the new Apple Watch 2 brings to the table. Less dependent on the iPhone, Apple Watch 2 widens the horizons for safety and mobility.

With tech giant Apple continuing to bet on wearable technology, and with the unavoidable rise of wearables for safety and EHS, it goes without saying that Enablon’s mobility team will be keeping very close tabs on Apple’s announcements around the Apple Watch 2 and  WatchOS3, the new version of the smart-watch’s operating system.

In recent years, almost every major analyst firm has looked into the changing dynamics of EHS through technology, mobility, and wearables. Connected gloves, glasses, helmets and other pieces of equipment are highly valuable tools to enhance the safety of employees and contractors at all times. Once integrated with the Enablon solution, wearables enable a constant stream of vital information, with data efficiently being treated and analyzed for process optimization purposes, and to ensure worker safety and wellbeing (including ergonomics), real-time communication, enhanced visibility on operations, and improved reaction times.

In this context, Enablon’s Safety App allows employees to stay safe by easily accessing information and performing tasks from anywhere, at any time and on any mobile device, including the Apple Watch. As an extension of the actions the app can already perform via iPhone, users will now also have the ability to report incidents, accidents, and near-misses directly from their Apple mobile wrist device. Reactive and preventative safety are both key to building a solid safety culture, which is why the app empowers users to accelerate incident response and reduce or eliminate impacts.

While not every single employee wears an Apple watch today, Enablon’s mobility team strives to stay curious, proactive, experimental, and at the cutting edge of mobility for EHS. Continuing to develop Enablon’s EHS mobile apps potential is just the beginning of the journey.

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