EHS Roundup - October 2018

October 01, 2018

Once a month, our EHS Roundup provides a recap of 10 interesting EHS articles and online resources that caught our attention. Enjoy the recap for October 2018.

[Report] The Price of Silence is Growing

Arcadis surveyed more than 50 EHS experts to identify emerging trends in data acquisition, management and reporting, and the benefits of increasing efficiencies and capabilities in these areas. The research demonstrates the value of transforming an organization’s EHS data management approach to one that produces digestible and actionable insights to proactively manage risk and drive decisions. Download report

Workplace Safety: Culture, Plans, and Actions

The main goal of a safety program is to prevent workplace fatalities and injuries, as well as the serious consequences that these events can cause for workers, their families, and employers. Organizations with a strong safety culture that have established comprehensive safety programs, effectively act on them, and monitor their progress are the winners when it comes to workplace safety. Read more

REACH 2018: Keep Your Registration up to Date

REACH registration is not a one-off exercise, but rather the start for managing your substance portfolio responsibly under the EU chemicals legislation. The registration dossier is meant to reflect the current knowledge on how your substance can be used safely at production sites and throughout the supply chain. You have to review your registration on a regular basis and update it when new information becomes available. Being proactive is not only good practice, but also a legal requirement. Read more

2018 Rising Stars of Safety

The Rising Stars of Safety examine age-old problems through a new lens, seek out hidden hazards and come up with creative solutions. The Rising Stars not only help make safety visible at their respective companies, they help make safety visible for all of us. Use the links in the article to visit Rising Stars profile pages, or browse profiles using the navigation arrow at the top of the webpage. Read more

Launch Your EHS Software Journey to the Next Level: Lessons from J.M. Huber & Arcadis

An EHS software journey has many stages. First, there is the software selection process, followed by the implementation, and then there is the growing use of the system, followed by maintenance. Many world-class organizations have embarked on this journey and have valuable lessons to share. This webinar includes tips and best practices from J.M. Huber, a company with a portfolio covering a diverse range of consumer and industrial items, and Arcadis, a global design, engineering and management consulting company. View the recording

The use of EHS mobile apps is growing. Increasingly companies that implement EHS management software systems are also extending the reach of their platform to mobile devices. Apps make things much faster and convenient for workers. But the benefits go beyond simply making tasks easier. There are tangible benefits for the enterprise as well, in addition for workers in the field.

Why Being “OSHA Legal” Isn’t Enough

When it comes to chemical exposure protection for employees and downstream users, companies must be compliant with OSHA regulations. In 1970, OSHA created permissible exposure limits that remain the rule of law, but knowledge regarding exposure and toxicity has continued to evolve since then. Disregarding that knowledge means legal compliance is not the same as protecting your company, employees and downstream users. Going beyond compliance is how you create a safer standard of care and protect your bottom line. Read more

OSHA Recordkeeping Often Has Little to Do with Reality

In this article, Dave Johnson, Editor of ISHN, says that OSHA safety performance measures have limitations. There are many ideas for improving performance metrics, but the will to change recordkeeping practices that go back almost 50 years is missing. A dramatic restructuring of recordkeeping would require OSHA rulemaking, industry-wide acceptance, a massive education effort, and overcoming the safety and health profession’s fragmented practices. Read more

Employees Not Retaining Safety Compliance Training? Here Are 4 Best Practices for Making It Stick

Compliance training is important because it helps to keep an organization and all its employees safe from physical, psychological, and legal harm. But sometimes compliance training can be boring and it can be hard to make it stick with employees in the long-term. This article highlights four best practices for getting your compliance training to stick with your employees. Read more

Optimize Safety Training by Properly Leveraging E-Learning

Despite a clear commitment to provide necessary safety and compliance training to employees, organizations can face significant challenges to doing so effectively. However, there are several tools currently available and in development that can make critically important compliance training more engaging and increase the retention of information provided so learnings are applied regularly in the workplace. Read more

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View the recording of our webinar with J.M. Huber and Arcadis to learn valuable tips and best practices on the EHS software journey, including software selection, implementation, roll out, user adoption, and change management:

Webinar - EHS Software Journey