EHS Roundup - March 2018

March 05, 2018

Once a month, our EHS Roundup provides a recap of 10 interesting EHS articles and online resources that caught our attention. Enjoy the recap for March 2018.

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Infographic EHS Buyers

3 Strategies to Get Business Executives to Walk Their Safety Talk

If safety is not a top priority for senior management, including the C-level, an organization will not achieve its objectives. There is often a disconnect between what leaders say and their actions. This disconnect often boils down to organizational culture. This article discuss what EHS and operations leaders can do to improve the situation. Read more

So, What Did You Emit Last Year?

From February through June, sources of air emissions are required to submit annual emissions statements or reports to the appropriate regulatory agency quantifying the pollutants they emitted during 2017. The deadlines differ from state to state, as do the sources required to report, the pollutants reported, and the methods of submitting information. Read more

Nine Ways to Improve Your Safety Culture

Your safety strategy for 2018 should be in place, and you might even be focussing on 2019, but there’s always room for improvement. This article shares top tips to improve your safety culture from Juice Learning, a company that helps organizations across the UK, Europe and the USA transform their safety culture. Read more

Managing SDSs – Five Tips You May Not Have Thought Of

According to BLR’s 2017 Hazard Communication Survey, 53% of respondents said that obtaining and managing updated safety data sheets (SDSs) was a significant challenge, making it one of the top 3 challenges. What would make an EHS manager’s job easier when it comes to managing SDSs? This article highlights 5 tips that may not have occurred to you. Read more

Safety vs. Production. What Is Your Top Priority?

Management sometimes fails to implement safe practices on the production floor, which can result in frequent injuries. This trend seems to occur often in high-level manufacturing facilities or other high-production businesses where the main focus is on production and shipping deadlines. However, a strong safety culture can both reduce injuries and increase profits. Read more

LEADing for Frontline Safety Workbook

This self-paced workbook developed by WorkCover in the Australian state of Queensland is designed to help safety professionals develop capabilities to lead health and safety effectively in the workplace. The workbook makes use of the LEAD model: Leverage, Energize, Adapt, Defend. Download workbook

How to Recruit and Evaluate Safety Personnel

Want to find safety professionals who help your company reach its full potential and take care of its employees? It all starts with understanding the scope of the jobs you need to fill. Then, you need to learn which capabilities employees need to succeed in those roles. This article highlights the things that managers and recruiters should keep in mind when hiring and evaluating safety personnel. Read more

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Are You Ready to Shape the Future in 2018?

There are many indicators that 2018 will be a breakthrough year for Artificial Intelligence in the safety industry. This article provides five ideas to organizations, businesses and individuals who see the “Industry 4.0” trend as an amazing opportunity to shape the future. Read more

Oversimplification: Four Approaches to Guarantee Limited Safety Improvement

Leaders who oversimplify issues can be identified by asking them for their definition of safety. If they say things like “thinking before you act” or “paying attention,” it may indicate that they have an overly-simplistic view. Similarly, when they admit they don’t know how to improve safety, it is an indicator that they either misunderstand or overly-simplify the problem. Such leaders tend to practice and promote four approaches that almost guarantee limited safety improvement. Read more

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