EHS Roundup - December 2018

December 03, 2018

Once a month, our EHS Roundup provides a recap of 10 interesting EHS articles and online resources that caught our attention. Enjoy the recap for December 2018.

Are You Ready to Go Digital?

While you might think that investigating disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, predictive analytics, blockchain, robotics, drones and the Internet of Things is somebody else’s job, the application of these technologies to the safety function is very much in the near future. While you may not have noticed it yet, there’s a digital revolution underway in EHS, and the more prepared you are for it, the safer your workforce will be. Read more

The time to prepare for an incident investigation is before an incident occurs. Otherwise, you may lose control of an incident scene and miss collecting critical information to conduct a thorough root cause analysis. This article identifies three ways to be better prepared for an incident investigation.

Changing the Hidden Safety Culture

A safety culture consists of many elements that can either help or hinder overall performance, but what about factors that may not be as visible on a daily basis? This article examines the hidden aspects of safety culture and their effect on an organization, and outlines 10 steps leaders can take to identify and address these underlying issues. Read more

Safety Culture in the Age of IIoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has significantly impacted safety for workers and entire companies, and many results are undoubtedly positive. Organizations must follow procedures that keep workers safe, but they may not understand how and why cybersecurity ties into those efforts. Once they do, focusing on both physical and internet-based aspects becomes possible. Read more

Improve Production with Smart Safety

Smart safety can improve both safety and productivity. It uses the same concepts as smart manufacturing or Industry 4.0, such as seamless connectivity and real-time analytics, and extends them to industrial safety efforts. This can help you not only to better monitor and manage your safety performance, but also transform your operations in other ways. Read more

Five Safety Hazards to Avoid in the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing processes involve a large number of hazards. This article presents five top safety hazards that are known in the manufacturing industry. They aren’t the only ones, but they are critical dangers known to every responsible manufacturing boss. Read more

The New Rules of Safety: Question Everything!

The best leaders question everything. Authentic human connection is founded on curiosity. To be a great boss you have to be curious about those who work with you. To be a great partner you have to be (and stay) curious about the other person. To be a great OSH professional you’ll need that spirit of enquiry too. Read more

Chemical Release Notifications: The Who, What, and When

Section 304 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) establishes the U.S. federal requirements for emergency release notifications. This article explains what you should do when a spill or release of a chemical occurs at your facility, whether it needs to be reported, what information needs to be reported, etc. Read more

Temporary Worker Initiative: The Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)

Temporary workers are entitled to the same protections as all other covered workers. Both the host employer and the staffing agency are responsible for determining the conditions of employment and complying with the law. This bulletin addresses what both employers can do to ensure that temporary workers are protected from the sudden release of stored energy from machines or equipment in accordance with OSHA’s standard. Read more

Industrial Stormwater: Don’t Overlook Employee Training!

With all of the high-tech and innovative stormwater control gadgets on the market today, facilities often overlook one of the most fundamental and affordable best management practices (BMPs): employee training. Most industrial stormwater permits require at least annual employee training, and it has become one of the most common and costly permit violations. Read more

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