EHS Roundup - August 2018

August 06, 2018

Once a month, our EHS Roundup provides a recap of 10 interesting EHS articles and online resources that caught our attention. Enjoy the recap for August 2018.

Why EHS Business Leaders Should Leverage Digital Transformation for Predictive Risk Management

The widespread adoption of emerging digital technologies by industrial organizations presents EHS leaders with an opportunity to leverage advanced analytics to improve EHS and business performance. Modern technologies provide the information and insights needed to enable a more proactive, predictive approach to operational risk management in support of operational excellence objectives. Read more

What’s Missing from Your Safety Culture Strategy?

How complete and comprehensive is your safety strategy? Does it have the right ingredients? Do you even have a safety strategy? After reviewing many corporate, division and location-specific safety strategies, Shawn M. Galloway identifies ten essential elements frequently excluded from a safety strategy. Read more

Training Survey 2018

Training must be continuous to keep workers up to date on new rules and regulations, as well as to ensure they follow proper operating procedures and avoid complacency. Safety+Health magazine surveyed safety pros to find out about their organizations’ training budgets, increases and decreases, how much is spent per learner, etc. Read more

Safety+Health Magazine Training Survey 2018

Six Essentials to Using Video for Safety Training

Organizations are turning to a more effective approach that presents video content in short and focused bursts that are spaced out over time, with key concepts continuously tested and reinforced. Known as microlearning, this approach is proven to help employees learn and engage, and better apply safety training on the job. This article presents six essential components of microlearning. Read more

Using Virtual Reality as a Fall Protection Training Tool

Preventing fall incidents requires helping employees identify hazards and verify that they have the proper equipment. ASSP’s new VR Fall Protection Experience app aims to do that. The app provides an immersive experience in which users enter a virtual environment to learn how to operate safely when working at height. Read more

Enablon Embraces an EHS 4.0 Digital Strategy

In this article, Peter Bussey from LNS Research gives his account of the Enablon SPF Americas 2018 conference that took place in June. Enablon uses SPF conferences to communicate its current messaging, positioning themes, and product announcements. This year’s messaging included a fresh, bold message about Industry 4.0 and digital innovation. Read more

Trends in Personal Protective Equipment 2018

Safety+Health magazine, with the help of the International Safety Equipment Association, reached out to PPE manufacturers with three questions: What PPE trends are happening, what challenges are your customers reaching out to you with, and what technological innovations are here or on the horizon? Check out this article to find out what are the answers. Read more

EU-ECHA Guide on Safety Data Sheets and Exposure Scenarios

The aim of this guide is to help suppliers and recipients of safety data sheets (SDSs) to compile and understand substance and use information more easily. Whether looking for a brief overview of the key points, or taking a closer look at a specific section, the inbuilt navigation elements enable users to move around and find the information they need easily. View the Guide

Who Has Jurisdiction on Oil Regulations? Depends on the Use

In 1971, the EPA and the Department of Transportation issued a joint memorandum to clarify jurisdictional issues related to the regulation of facilities with the potential to discharge oil into the environment. Today there is still uncertainty about where one agency’s authority ends and the other’s begins. This article includes examples that provide an idea of how the separation of authority works. Read more

Ways to Improve Construction Site Safety

Project managers and crews in the construction industry face pressures to meet deadlines and stay within budgets, which impacts safety. In 2016, out of 4,693 worker fatalities in private industry, one in five were in construction. This article identifies strategies that can help improve safety in construction. Read more

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