EHS Roundup - August 2017

August 07, 2017
By Jean-Grégoire Manoukian

Once a month, our EHS Roundup provides a recap of 10 interesting EHS articles and online resources that caught our attention. Enjoy the recap for August 2017.

The New Verdantix EHS Software Green Quadrant: Insights For Customer Shortlists In 2017 And Beyond

The fourth version of the Verdantix benchmark of EHS software applications and vendors was released following a six month research process. The benchmark assesses 20 vendors and their applications on 251 criteria spanning usability, mobile apps, deployment options, data management capabilities, the full range of EHSQ processes and 78 criteria relating to vendor success such as brand awareness, revenue growth and organizational resources. Read more

7 Reasons Your EHS Technology Project Won’t Happen

As more companies embrace Digital Transformation, the EHS business function will end up participating one way or another. But getting approval and funding is still a challenge and requires the development and communication of a convincing, compelling business case for the initiative. This article identifies seven common business case pitfalls, which, if anticipated and managed, will help ensure success. Read more

ISO 45001: Standard Nears Publication Following Vote

National standard bodies (NSBs) voted on DIS2, the second draft of ISO 45001, between May and July. Some 88% of NSBs voted in favor of the draft with 11% voting against. There will now be a meeting of project committee 283 in Malaysia between September 18 and 23. The group could then distribute a final version of the standard, which would see publication in November at the earliest. But there was concern about the weight of comments from the consultation at the second draft stage. It may be that the original path for the FDIS, which was early 2018, could be deemed the most appropriate route instead. Read more

2017 Training Survey

Safety+Health Magazine surveyed safety professionals to find out about their organizations’ training budgets, increases and decreases, how much is spent per learner, and more. Nearly 300 respondents contributed to the second annual Training Survey. Read more and view the infographic.


Risk Assessment – What Are You Doing Wrong?

Risk assessment is the second most common task undertaken by occupational safety and health professionals, but there isn’t a large amount of research on how people are doing it, and what they are doing wrong. It’s important to look at not only the common things people are doing wrong, but share best practices also. Read more

Why the OSHA Recordable Rate is a Bad Metric

Senior leaders who understand safety culture and sustainability intrinsically know there is a lot more to evaluating safety efforts than one simplified metric. What happens for companies that are just starting their safety journey? Many use the OSHA Recordable Rate as a benchmark, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Read more

CCOHS Infographic Tackles Causes of Slips & Trips

A fall on the same level is a slip, trip or fall in which workers impact either the surface or an object at the same level or above the surface on which they are standing. These incidents are among the leading causes of work-related injuries in workplaces around the world. In its latest infographic, the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) offers a snapshot of the causes of falls from slips and trips, and outlines several ways to reduce risks. View full infographic

Slips Trips Falls

State and Local HazMat Violations: An Emerging Concern

Unsecured packages remained the top violation of hazardous materials (hazmat) regulations uncovered by U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) roadside inspections. This article takes a look at the top 10 hazmat transportation violations by trucks uncovered by DOT inspectors so far for FY 2017. Read more

Occupational Hazards: Is Your Job Worth It?

How well-paid are the most dangerous jobs? When we think of dangerous jobs, we often imagine firefighters, police officers and other public servants. But seven times more workers in construction trades lose their lives than law enforcement officers. This photo gallery shows which jobs are the most dangerous and whether those workers are financially compensated for taking on such a risk. View photo gallery

EU Moves to Limit Occupational Exposure to Carcinogens

A draft document approved recently by an EU committee “represents a genuine step forward” towards reducing occupational cancers, according to the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI). The document describes revisions to the Directive on the protection of workers from the risks related to exposure to carcinogens or mutagens at work. Read more

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