EHS Compliance Management: From Local to Global

September 19, 2017

Imagine that a large, multinational organization has hired you as a consultant to assess their global EHS compliance program. You interview key personnel, including executives and plant managers. What type of comments would alarm you? I can think of a few:

  • “Every year we pay large fines.”
  • “We could not sell this product in this country because we were not compliant.”
  • “We had to suspend operations in this plant for a few weeks because of non-compliance.”
  • “We don’t know if we’re compliant or not.”

Putting exaggerations aside, you may hear this particular comment, or a variation of it, that may sound fairly innocent, but that should raise a big red flag: “We let each site manage EHS compliance locally. They will know the local laws best.”

There are negative consequences to managing EHS compliance locally, including:

  • Difficulty to leverage the same best practices across all sites.
  • Inconsistency in EHS compliance levels and compliance cultures from site to site.
  • Lack of a global, coherent and reliable view on EHS compliance performance and liabilities.
  • Inability to properly and accurately compare and benchmark sites for compliance.
  • Less confidence in your ability to claim that you are compliant across all sites.

The good news is that the implementation of a global approach to managing EHS regulatory compliance is within reach. In fact, the very first step is as simple as downloading a free white paper from our website.

Enhesa and Enablon worked together on a white paper that makes the case for a global approach to managing EHS compliance. To give you an idea of the type of information included, here are two previews from the white paper:

1) Table of contents:

Table of Contents

2) Greatest EHS regulatory compliance challenges faced, as per a recent Enhesa customer survey:

EHS Regulatory Compliance White Paper Figure 1

Click on the image below to download your complimentary copy of the white paper, and start on a path that will take you from a local to a global approach to EHS compliance management:

Global Approach to Managing EHS Regulatory Compliance