Consolidating EHS & Risk Data at a World-Class Gold Producer

August 23, 2018

Imagine that you work in the mining industry where there are explosives, chemicals and large machinery several stories tall. Mining is a risky business with a myriad of activities that present environmental, safety, health, societal and reputational risks. This is why it’s always fascinating to learn more about innovative companies that recognize the potential impact of risk in their operations, and how it relates to their Environment, Health, Safety and Community (“EHSC”), and Sustainability programs. Goldcorp is a great example of such a company.

Goldcorp is one of the leading gold producers in the world with activities in North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Australia. The company constantly seeks to be safer, more sustainable, and more responsible in the way its operations are conducted. This is why Goldcorp uses Enablon to manage risk, EHS and sustainability all on the same software platform.

At SPF Americas 2018, Goldcorp received the Enablon Excellence Award in Integrated Risk Management for its efforts to successfully achieve EHSC and corporate social responsibility objectives by mitigating risks though a single software platform.

Goldcorp at SPF Americas 2018The Goldcorp team at SPF Americas 2018

For Goldcorp, the most tangible result of using a single, integrated platform is the consolidation of EHSC and risk data that helps the company achieve a number of benefits. Let’s take a look at these benefits.

Risks and Events Managed in the Same System

Phil Casey, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Goldcorp, says: “There’s a lot of value in having your risks and events managed in the same system because they’re actually the same thing. One has happened and one hasn’t happened, and it’s the potential for it to happen.”

An incident (or adverse event) is a risk that has materialized. The information from an incident investigation will be used in a risk assessment, and identified risks will help to prevent incidents. An incident management module and a risk management module must be part of the same system, in order for both to leverage one another and talk to each other. This also allows users to see trends and correlate the information. For Goldcorp, managing EHS and risk data on a single, integrated software platform from Enablon is a key element of the company’s risk mitigation efforts.

A Single User Interface and Training

Since many business processes are connected, there is a good chance that users will need to enter, edit and access data in different software modules. Imagine if software modules have different user interfaces and user experiences because they’re from different vendors, or because they’re from a vendor that acquired solutions from other vendors instead of building them using the same technology. The two immediate consequences would be a slower user adoption and increased training costs.

For Goldcorp, managing EHS and risk data on the same platform means that, from a user perspective, there is only one system, one user interface, and one user experience. It’s the same across all modules, which means users are already familiar with how to navigate, enter data, and access reports in any new module that is added. This also allows the same type of user training to be leveraged for all modules, whether they’re EHS or risk modules, instead of having to learn everything from scratch.

Increased Collaboration Between Functions

When everybody is on the same system across an organization, whether they are risk managers, auditors, environmental compliance managers, community relations specialists or safety managers, they will be able to share some common data based on permission levels and data confidentiality. They will all have a single version of the truth and speak the same “language”.

The same consolidated EHS and risk data is available to everybody right away, which saves time. Casey says: “We don’t have to wait for a spreadsheet to come through or for some process to happen because it’s all centrally-located in the system.”

Using the same, unique system to access the same EHS and risk data also increases collaboration between different functions. By using Enablon, people are engaging with each other through routine work activities.

Identification of Opportunities

The word “risk” creates a negative feeling for many people. But risks can also create opportunities. This is especially true in the mining industry because of the magnitude of the risks involved. For example, think about the risks of environmental impacts, or the impacts on local communities at mining locations and how they can have an effect on corporate reputation. These risks can also create opportunities for mining firms to become responsible environmental stewards or invest in the well-being of local communities where they operate, thus enhancing their corporate responsibility credentials.

At Goldcorp, turning a risk into an opportunity is greatly facilitated by the fact that the majority of the company’s risks are related to EHSC and sustainability, and all the data is in one single, integrated platform. For example, there are cases where some activities don’t impact company operations, but may impact the local environment or communities, creating a potential reputational risk. By capturing data on these impacts and making it available to everyone through a common platform, discussions can go beyond risk mitigation and extend to opportunities of making positive contributions to society and strengthening Goldcorp’s vision of “Together, Creating Sustainable Value”.

As a result of using Enablon to successfully reduce risks, thereby helping to meet objectives around EHS and corporate social responsibility, we’re proud to have designated Goldcorp as the winner of the Enablon Excellence Award in Integrated Risk Management at SPF Americas 2018. The recognition is fully deserved, and we look forward to being a part of Goldcorp’s journey to continuously strengthen their risk culture throughout the organization.

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