Accelerating EHS Compliance at a Global Pharmaceutical Firm

August 17, 2017

“It’s a very important award and we are very glad to get it. It’s making us feel that we have a true partnership with Enablonand we are not only being a client but we are being part of a family.”
Asif Mauda, IT Head of the Global Engineering & EHS Unit at Teva, during the Enablon Excellence Awards ceremony at SPF EMEA 2017.

EHS teams like to be honored for their hard work and efforts. Imagine for a moment that an EHS team wins two prestigious awards…within the same year…within a 5-week span. For Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, this is not a fantasy, but a reality. Teva won an EHS Innovation Award from Verdantix in May 2017 and an in June 2017. Teva is one of the top firms headquartered in Israel, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies globally, and the largest generic drug manufacturer in the world. Managing regulatory compliance in a global organization that includes 57,000 employees and more than 80 production facilities worldwide, and that went through almost 40 acquisitions, is a significant challenge that only an award-winning team can successfully surmount.

Compliance Challenges Can Lead to Reputational Risks

EHS compliance is always a challenge on its own. But in the case of Teva, the challenge was amplified for two reasons. First, as a result of many mergers and acquisitions, Teva manufacturing sites had different levels of “EHS sophistication” because they all had different organizational backgrounds. Second, more than 80 facilities are spread all over the world on four different continents, creating a risk for potential cultural and linguistic barriers. Under these circumstances, enabling a base standard for global compliance becomes even more important.

Since Teva is a large, global organization, addressing compliance challenges was more than about mitigating legal risks. Teva also needed to take into account reputational risks that could increase due to non-compliance, such as negative attention from government authorities or the public.

In 2013, Teva started its journey to select, implement and use an EHS management solution to help address regulatory compliance challenges and other needs (environmental data management, incident/event management, corrective and preventive action plans). On June 15, 2017, Teva’s efforts were honored with the . Asif Mauda, IT Head of the Global Engineering & EHS Unit at Teva, accepted the award on behalf of the company. Let’s take a closer look at Teva’s journey with Enablon, which led to this recognition.

Teva SPF EMEA 2017 AwardAsif Mauda, IT Head of the Global Engineering & EHS Unit, Teva

Guiding and Empowering Each Site

For large, global organizations, there are two approaches to compliance: either compliance activities are centralized at the corporate level, or they are decentralized to the sites. With Enablon, Teva achieved a right balance by shifting compliance responsibilities over to individual sites, while also providing guidance to the sites and the tools required to help them meet their compliance responsibilities successfully. The sites know the minimum standard for compliance needed, and the software helps them achieve the standard.

The implementation, led by ERM, and use of the Enablon platform were facilitated by the fact that Teva was already using regulatory content from Enhesa. The company had a lot of experience using Enhesa content, so they were able to leverage the integration between the Enablon platform and Enhesa content. In addition to integrated regulatory content, other compliance elements of Teva’s Enablon solution include regulatory registers that list all EHS laws, regulations, permits and standards applicable to a site’s activities, products and services; as well as compliance calendars to manage a site’s specific activities to maintain compliance.

Encouraging User Adoption at Each Site

Shifting compliance responsibilities to the sites only works if they are willing to adopt and use the software tools made available to them. Teva’s implementation team had the original approach of not explicitly enforcing the use of Enablon. Rather, they challenged the sites to show them a better tool, and they didn’t. The user-friendliness of the Enablon platform led to a quick user adoption. Post-implementation surveys consistently showed high user satisfaction. Users were eager to improve their work by leveraging Enablon tools to support their daily tasks. For Teva’s EHS and IT team, things came full circle: four years ago, during the software selection phase, they asked users to vote for their favorite system, and they chose Enablon. The project team had the foresight and intelligence to realize that user adoption is facilitated if users have a direct and strong voice in the software selection process.

Given the way EHS technology is leveraged to establish a base standard for compliance throughout more than 80 manufacturing sites, and reduce compliance and reputational risks, we’re glad to have bestowed Teva the Enablon Excellence Award in Regulatory Compliance Management at SPF EMEA 2017.

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