5 Examples of Our Commitment to Sustainability in 2018

December 18, 2018

It’s the end of the year, and on behalf of the entire sustainability team at Enablon, I would like to highlight some of the activities we organized in 2018.

At Enablon, our mission is to enable the sustainable company and we aim to apply that principle to us as well. Actions speak louder than words, and in 2018 we undertook many initiatives to show our commitment to sustainability.

Among many initiatives that were put in place, here are the 5 that stand out. These actions aim to promote sustainability, share best practices among Enablon employees, and make a difference in our local communities.


1) Zero Waste and Sustainability Weeks

Zero Waste Week Mug
Mugs distributed to Enablonians during a Zero Waste Week

Our sustainability initiatives are ongoing and continuous, but throughout the year we have zero waste weeks, as well as sustainability weeks, to raise awareness. During these weeks various themes are discussed, such as recycling, sustainable food, and how to minimize waste. Enablonians not only learn more about what they can do, but they also receive gifts like mugs in order to prevent the use of disposable, single-use coffee cups.


2) Planting Trees for Carbon Compensation

Tree Planting in Chicago
Enablonians taking part in a tree-planting event at Edison Elementary School in Stickney, Illinois

Enablon partners with the Office National des Forêts (ONF) in France and American Forests in the U.S. to plant trees to compensate for the carbon emissions produced by the plane travels of Enablonians, and the plane travels of attendees to our SPF conferences. In 2018, we helped plant 2,564 trees with ONF and American Forests. Enablonians participate in various tree-planting activities in local communities in the Paris and Chicago areas.


3) Sponsoring Three Beehives and Raising Funds

Enablon Beehive
Beehive sponsored by Enablon in the Forest of Halatte, north of Paris
Bicycling for Bees
Enablonians who cycled from London to Paris to raise funds for Bees Abroad

80% of crops depend on pollinating insects, and bee settlements are weakening. So in 2018 we sponsored 3 beehives through our partnership with Un toit pour les abeilles. Also, as part of sustainability initiatives, some Enablonians cycled from London to Paris, or 330 kilometers, to raise funds for Bees Abroad, a non-profit organization that provides education and technical advice in beekeeping and suitable business skills to beekeepers and families in developing countries.


4) Sustainable Cooking Classes

Sustainability Cooking - Paris
Cooking class in Paris
Sustainability Cooking - Chicago
Cooking class in Chicago

There are many benefits to being conscious of what we cook and eat. First, it leads to better health. Second, it encourages local producers and growers. Third, it reduces the carbon footprint of the food that you eat. In 2018, we gave sustainable cooking classes for employees in the Paris and Chicago offices. Enablonians acquired the knowledge to eat in a sustainable way to improve their health…and the health of the environment.


5) Recycling Coffee Grounds to Grow Mushrooms

Mushroom antipasti distributed to Enablonians

Do you know that there is a connection between coffee and mushrooms? Like any office, the Enablon Paris office has coffee machines. Instead of throwing grinded coffee beans to waste, we partner with La Boîte à Champignons so they can be recycled and used to grow mushrooms. Over 617 kilograms of coffee grounds were collected in 2018, the equivalent of 51,425 coffee cups! In return, 100 jars of mushroom antipasti were offered to employees.

None of our sustainability activities would be possible without the passion of all Enablonians who participate, especially Katie Brda who leads sustainability activities in our Chicago office. And we’re also grateful for the full encouragement and support of our management team.

Happy holidays! See you next year for more sustainability actions!


Guillaume Escourbiac

Product Manager Mobile Applications