3 Benefits of a Successful EHS Software Selection Process

July 21, 2016

Like many leading organizations, your company may have decided to finally take the plunge and adopt an EHS software system. You may have been motivated by a desire to better handle the flurry of regulations needed to comply with, to streamline EHS data management, or to leverage predictive analytics to improve EHS performance.

Purchasing an EHS software solution should not be taken lightly. A thorough, complete and structured process is needed for a successful selection of an EHS software system. Let’s look at three long-term benefits of a successful EHS software selection process.

1) Finding a Partner, Not Just Software

Once implemented, an EHS software system becomes the heart of a company’s EHS management program. Many employees interact with the system frequently, which means the EHS solution becomes a big part of their work. In addition, the odds are that the selected EHS software system will be used for many years. This means that the EHS software vendor will have a significant role in your EHS processes. If the EHS software selection process is successful, you are not only getting a software system that fits your requirements, but you are also getting a software vendor who will be an EHS partner to your organization for many years.

2) Ongoing Process Improvements

An EHS software system is not just a data management tool used to capture, analyze and report on data. It is also used to improve existing business processes. An EHS software selection process is successful if the software system can be used to better support business processes. The software system must not force you to completely transform your processes. Rather, the software system must be used to support your processes through greater automation, and by making them more efficient and effective. Going through a successful EHS software selection process ensures that the adopted solution provides ongoing improvements of business processes over the long-term.

3) Cost Savings and Faster ROI

An EHS software selection is only the beginning. It will be followed by a software implementation and roll-out. A successful EHS software selection process can help save time and costs by already laying the groundwork for user adoption. The process is not just a technical contest between a few software systems. It is also about driving organizational change by educating employees about the value of an EHS system in order to encourage them to use it. Users must be convinced that the software will bring a positive change to their work. A successful EHS software selection process encourages user adoption, which impacts positively the software implementation and roll-out that follow. This allows you to have an attractive ROI on your EHS system and generate value from it, through the consolidation of disparate systems, data management and reporting time savings, and employee productivity gains.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of a successful process, why not explore the steps that can lead to a successful EHS software selection? The National Association for Environmental Management (NAEM) has produced a guide on Strategies for Successful EHS&S Software Selection. The guide includes key tips and best practices to make the process as efficient as possible. Download the guide today to start planning for a successful EHS software selection.

NAEM Strategies for a Successful EHS Software Selection