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EHS Software: One Image That Is Worth 1000 Words

April 23, 2019 By
There used to be a time when there was not enough information. Now we live in a different era. Sometimes it seems like there is too much information. This leads to a need to either aggregate information, or determine which type of information is valuable.

If you’re in an EHS software selection process, you probably know how it feels. There are dozens of EHS software vendors, some offering a comprehensive EHS management platform that covers all areas, while others specialized in specific domains.

Evaluating EHS software and vendors is challenging. Organizations can’t afford to spend a lot of time to look at each vendor individually and schedule demos will all of them.

Is there an easier way? Is there independent and credible research that identifies the leading vendors? Is it possible to quickly narrow down a list of vendors to only a few? The answer is yes!

The Verdantix Green Quadrant EHS Software 2019 report, which you can download from our website, came out recently. The report benchmarks the 23 most prominent EHS software vendors through the proprietary Verdantix Green Quadrant methodology, which includes three-hour live product demos, and vendor responses to a 383-point questionnaire covering 10 technical capabilities, 18 functional capabilities and 11 market momentum categories.

If you’re an EHS software buyer, here’s the one image from the Verdantix report that tells you a lot about the leading vendors:

Verdantix Green Quadrant EHS Software 2019

Look at the image above and draw your own conclusions about the position of each vendor in the EHS software market. The vertical axis represents the Capabilities dimension. It is a measure of the breadth and depth of each software provider’s functionality based on evaluations for 10 technical capabilities and 18 functional capabilities. The horizontal axis represents the Momentum dimension. It measures each software vendor on strategic success factors based on evaluations for 11 market momentum categories.

While the image above tells you a lot, you can learn more by downloading the Green Quadrant report and by registering for our webinar with Verdantix, which will take place on May 16.

During the webinar you will hear from Yaowen Ma, the Senior Analyst at Verdantix who worked on the report. The following topics will be covered:

  • The Verdantix Green Quadrant methodology and evaluation criteria.
  • Which EHS software vendors lead the market.
  • Enablon’s strategy and vision for addressing the top EHS challenges.
  • How Industry 4.0 will impact EHS management.

Make your EHS software selection process successful by learning more about the findings from the Verdantix Green Quadrant EHS Software 2019 benchmark. Register for our webinar by clicking on the image below:

Webinar - The EHS Software Market

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