• 9 Steps to Improve Product Compliance by Going Beyond the Four Walls

9 Steps to Improve Product Compliance by Going Beyond the 4 Walls

April 24, 2017 By
Enablon Insights aims to bring you engaging, curated, and actionable guidance and resources. We’re glad to publish our sixth post of the Aberdeen Expert Series, featuring practical tips and result-oriented research from Aberdeen Group. Visit Enablon Insights regularly or subscribe to our blog to make sure you get the latest bite-sized Aberdeen content. Today’s post explores 9 steps to improve product compliance across all supply partners:

Aberdeen’s report, Best-in-Class Product Compliance: Going Beyond the Four Walls, looks at the Best-in-Class practices that manufacturers have established, related to product compliance, across all of their supply partners, and how their supply chain organizations are responding to support the compliance requirements. The following checklist provides a guideline to ensure that your company’s product compliance is on track and focused on the key priorities to keep your company in compliance and out of the news:

Step 1

Standardize the process for designing, sourcing and validating products for materials compliance.

Step 2

Establish a cross-functional team to ensure compliance from design, sourcing, delivery and disposal of product.

Step 3

Establish a process to assess/track supplier compliance.

Step 4

Ensure the scope of the Chief Supply Chain Officer includes procurement/sourcing, supply chain planning, and distribution/warehousing and logistics.

Step 5

Concentrate on improving visibility upstream to your suppliers in order to become more proactive, rather than reactive, to issues.

Step 6

Move beyond the four walls and create/support the supplier collaboration initiative that improves visibility.

Step 7

Develop and improve workflows to incorporate upstream milestones in the product compliance monitoring to leverage early warnings and red flag issues.

Step 8

Target Sourcing and Procurement as the number one area in supply chain to invest on technology for improvement.

Step 9

Get ahead of the upstream supplier problems that might affect product compliance and act proactively to keep your company in compliance and out of the news.

To learn more, make sure to download the complimentary full length report below:

Product compliance must encompass a “cradle-to-grave” responsibility for the life of the product; from design, sourcing, manufacturing, shipment to customer, and ultimately product disposal. Download Aberdeen’s “Best-in-Class Product Compliance: Going Beyond the Four Walls” report to learn more.

Best-in-Class Product Compliance: Going Beyond the Four Walls

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